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The Rogue Rebels Favorite Memories From Star Wars Celebration Orlando

It’s over.


We’re exhausted, excited, tired, and so sad it’s over.

We saw old friends, met new ones, and shared our 4 days with thousands of other Star Wars fans.

We saw so much and missed even more.

I shared the experience with my wife and kids.

Axel got to meet fans of his Ezra from around the world.


Lizzy got to meet fans of Star Wars Geek Girl who admired her podcast.


Liz was able to share her love of strong female role models with countless other strong female role models.


I got to experience Star Wars through all of their eyes.


From remembering Carrie, to looking ahead to The Last Jedi, to the final season of Rebels, Forces of Destiny, Battlefront II, Saber Guild, the Star Wars Show, and Star Wars Geek Girl there was so much to enjoy!!

I’m home now. streaming the panels I missed, catching the trailers on youtube, and missing everyone!

I said it before and I’ll say it again, no other con even comes close to a Star Wars Celebration!

The positive vibes, the connection between the fans, the excitement is unreal!

I’ll give a little list of our top moments…. I bet you can guess one….

The Rogue Rebels Favorite Memories From SWCO

… In no particular order… except probably the last one…

  1. Star Wars Geek Girls Meet in Person (And Their Siblings…)

    After arriving late Thursday night Zoe and her family headed for our (temporary) casa de Perales. We walked out to meet them halfway and there, in the darkness we saw them down the road. Four figures approaching at oh… 10:30pm or so. Lizzy and Zoe ran towards each other and hugged each other tight… in the middle of the road. After being a hero and saving their lives by telling them to get out of the street we hung out a bit and were able to spend some good times with them this weekend! Axel also met Saffy and loved spending time with her playing hide and seek, walking the Con and laughing about the Dark Side.


2. Star Wars Geek Girl Panel

On Friday the girls had a panel on the Collectors’ Stage. I was a little worried about them but their panel was wonderful! They interacted with their fans with a live Q and A. The turnout was great and Axel had fun introducing them! The girls confidence and presence on stage was definitely a proud parent moment!


3. Saber Guild!!

I’ve been a member of Saber Guild for 5 years or so now and this trip Saber Guild was pretty strong.

There was a booth and a few shows on the floor in addition to kids training upstairs! This year the family was able to attend the Saber Guild dinner which was wonderful! The best part was where Axel won a lightsaber in the raffle!!

Axel’s face: Priceless….

We met lots of fellow members from around the globe and had an all around great time!

I also hosted the Saber Guild panel with a few of my fellow members and we talked about our club and what we do and even demonstrated some lightsaber combat!


4. MSW Podcast Network LIVE!!

Together with my fellow MSW podcasters we took over a little pub and had a wonderful evening talking Star Wars!! It was great meeting a lot of our listeners and fellow podcasters!! Thanks everyone who came out!!

5. Star Wars Rebels.

This year we were again lucky enough to attend the Star Wars Rebels panel. It’s no secret why this memory will always remain special to my family and I.18034247_820754324753846_9057659001902908768_n

Suffice to say Star Wars Rebels will always hold a special place in our hearts.  I’ll get into this experience in it’s own post because there is far too much to just fit here!


There’s Nothing Like Celebration.

No experience is like this one.

Meeting other fans and the excitement around for Star Wars is electric. It’s going to be 2 years until the next one, then again, we missed London so it’s been 2 years since our last one! We’ll be patient and hope it’s here in Anaheim! Thanks to everyone who made our SWCO such a great time! From our friends who hung out with us, to all the new people we met, to the event itself and everything exciting we were able to witness!

Somebody had to take this pic! – Spectre-2

May the Force be with you!



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