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One of my favorite things to do at Star Wars Celebration Orlando (or any other convention) is to watch Star Wars fans sporting their costumes.  In Orlando I couldn’t help but to be captivated by several female fans’ costumes.

Yeah, there were amazing looking boy costumes like this one:

Super cute Matt The Radar Technician

…but when I look at female Star Wars costumers I couldn’t help but to think about my own experiences as a female costumer and as a person. Wearing a costume, generally makes me feel confident, strong, friendly, happier, and pretty!

Yes, I said it, it makes me feel pretty!

Don’t get me wrong there are times where my costume is killing me and I  can’t wait to get it off  but if there are little Tinky Tanos (kids) saying hello or wanting to take a photo with me… well, that really warms my heart and I will have  a smile on my face (you might not be able to see it if I am wearing a helmet).



It makes me feel confident because it allows me to become more like the character I am trying to portray. Hence, the reason why I take great care in choosing the characters.  Normally I am not a super confident person. (Dun-Dun-DUN) I constantly struggle with my command of the English language; both in verbal and in written form. That struggle is apparent in my lack of confidence when meeting new people and even posting blogs like this. When I put on the costume I become a more relaxed person.  It is easier for me to speak and even have my photo taken.  When I wear my costume I feel confident and that gives me strength.


Now, if I could only use my Jes Gistang costume at work that would be just perfect.

It makes me feel pretty because being pretty is much more than having a good hair day, a day where your make up looks great, or even a day where I feel skinny… although I do tend to have a lot of skinny wishful thinking days!

Pretty to me means being happy.

I sincerely believe that happy girls are the prettiest, no matter the size, the age, fashion style, or any other thing we tend to get fixated about our own body.

When I look at pictures I have taken of my family,  I realize that best pictures are the ones that I have taken in between shots, when I catch my kids during a happy moment or being upset/annoyed that I am taking a photo.  Those are the photos that I like the best, the “keepers”, because I am able to see the raw and truthful moments of my children’s personalities and to me that is just beautiful… them being themselves is just so pretty.

At Celebration, while walking around the convention, that is what I was able to see.  A lot of female costumers being comfortable in their own skin.  I was able to see the glow that happiness and confidence brings out of them when wearing their costumes proudly.

Here I am happy to share with you some of the photos I took of these amazing females.




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