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The Rogue Rebels Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Finale Impressions

If you aren’t watching Star Wars Rebels, boy are you missing out. This season we’ve seen everything from Admiral Thrawn, Maul, The Bendu, Ryloth, a YT-2400, Saw Gerrera, Imperial Supercommandos, Dathomir, the Darksaber, Mon Mothma, and even Kenobi.

Soon I’m going to give my thoughts on the entire season and what I personally took from it but I wanted to share our Zero Hour experience.


Last week we traveled up to San Francisco and were able to attend a screening of Twin Suns and Zero Hour.

It was an experience that I don’t take for granted and decided to make the most of. I piled my family in the car, grabbed a Monster and some trail mix, and road tripped up there. We arrived just in time and took our seats.

The episodes and event was such a whirlwind that unfortunately I didn’t even grab a pic!! And we had our season 3 stuff!!

We had the Countess Ursa Wren! But this is the only pic I got!

Well, on to the episodes themselves. Twin Suns has already aired but the Zero Hour finale remains.

As for my impressions here are a few.

I really wish I could watch every episode on the big screen. Seeing the show like that really lets me appreciate the detail in the modeling and animation. I particular the Twin Suns episodes had such stark lighting that I was able to really see every dirty sand swept detail on the Ezra and Chop models.

I definitely don’t want to spoil anything for anyone but I will say that there’s a particular character that I’ve never been the biggest fan of that really gets to shine here. While Rebels is no stranger to wonderful and talented voice work, there are a few performances in these episodes that swing from the rafters and shine strong.

Star Wars Rebels continues to bring something unexpected to a plot we all think we know the ending to! Season 3 is no different, We know Chopper Base is at risk but there are definitely a few surprises to be seen!

For now, that’s all I’ll say but I’ll definitely be talking a lot more about this after the episodes air.

After we met up with a few of our northern Mando Mercs, Rebel Legion, Saber Guild, and 501st friends. Some great laughs and conversations were had over food.

We stayed the night and decided to make the best of our little road trip. What follows are a few pics of us. I know very few are Star Wars related but please enjoy them anyway!

Tomorrow Zero Hour will be here and I hope you all enjoy it like we did!

May the Force be with you!

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