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Rogue Rebels Podcast 64: The Mandalorian Chapter 16: The Rescue!

Sal, Liz, Lizzy, and Axel talk The Mandalorian Chapter 16: The Rescue!

Everything from a holiday season apart, Lambda Class Shuttle, Mandos in a bar, pot calling the kettle black, WHERE IS AXE WOVES, putting on a good show princess, 4 woman strike team is the best, Moff Lil’ Gideon, Fennec’s group project, T-800 darktroopers, GET THAT BLADE AWAY FROM HIM, Mando spear training, Bo-Katan is disappointed, earning it in battle, the return of the T-800s, A Friend, #IgnitetheGreen, don’t be afraid, face-to-face, Lil’ R2, Topo Gigio, finale, Boba’s new book, Master Grogu, Din and the blade, questions that need answers, and #AskAx!



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