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Rogue Rebels Costume Journey: Jes Gistang, Part 2

Ok so in part 1 I learned that building full armor takes a lot of cutting, sanding, glue, blood, and fingertips so here I continue to pay the price.

Our build group of Kevin, Michael, Leeanna, Stacey, Emii, and Cam was still going strong. After trimming out the pieces, sanding the edges clean, and losing track of how many days you’ve been in the shop you move onto sizing. Lots of blue tape held together armor tests to make sure the fit is right. Then we actually start gluing pieces together which is MUCH easier to do with some extra sets of hands.

Step 57,642: Hold the kidney and butt in place with three hands and then zap securely with your fourth…

By then I was beginning to see it come together. Things were finally starting to make sense and we were getting close.


After gluing our fingertips all over the inside of the armor and building the strapping and snaps to actually hold the armor in place we were there.

Lots of difficult things like the belt on this particular character takes time.

Then just like that, we were there. She test fitted it and we were set.


It was a crazy ride but we were ready for SDCC.



We got our hands on Kev’s DLT-19  and knew we needed the Hyperfirm blaster for ourselves. Hyperfirm blasters are a kind of rubber/foam mix or something that make a lightweight ultra durable blaster that comes perfectly weathered and looks and feels amazing to troop with.

The Hair

All the girls were excited to be female stormtroopers but Liz wanted to BE Jes Gistang. So she dyed her hair red and got it put in cornrows. and we were off to the con.


The Debut

The girls were set and Saturday morning made their debut at the 501st legion photo.


I found the silly pic. They’re waaaaaaay at the top!


The girls trooped hard all day and Liz and Emii got some great shots and hung with some great folks! And so did I!….

It was great to be a part of such a cool effort and we were totally glad that we were able to make Kevin’s debut memorable!


So after the rush and debut there was one more important piece to complete. The Helmet. Kevin finished it pretty soon after the debut and we started on the assembly.



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