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Mastering the Art of Kanan Cooking: Green Chile Stew


Hello everyone!

I’m back with another DELICIOUS recipe! This time it’s called Green Chile Stew.

This recipe was really really good. I don’t eat a lot of stews, but this was really good.

Yoda stew.jpg
Yoda eats a lot of stew. Luke seems to like it ok.

I had to change some things about it. Like the number of green chiles. I kinda put half of the New Mexico Chiles so Axel could eat it. Even with that Axel still complained it was spicy! To be honest, I think I should’ve used all the chiles…

Grievous chile.jpg
Like General Grievous did.

Another thing I changed was the potatoes.


I added way more Yukon gold potatoes than called for because of my potato obsession (and because they were the tiniest potatoes ever.) I still think I could’ve added more.


The recipe said to have beef or veal and since my father failed to find veal, he brought regular beef instead. It was still very delicious and tender! I was happy because it was pre-cut as well (although more expensive…)

Other than that the recipe was a success!


Thanks for reading and see you next time!

P.S. You can get Freddie’s book here and cook up some of these AMAZING recipes yourself!


P.P.S. The idea behind this came from a film called Julie & Julia which you can check out here!

J and J



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