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Rogue Rebels Podcast 80: Bounty Hunters Comics with Hawes Burkhardt!

Sal talks with special guest Hawes Burkhardt about the Star Wars: Bounty Hunters comics Galaxy’s Deadliest and Target Valance!

Everything from Battlefront II besties, Star Wars pronunciation, ’78 original, casting a Terminator, that botched Corellia job, Dengar getting punched, nutritional pellets, micro-beskar transactions, T’onga and Losha, Boba works for free, Tasu Leech, a wild Nexu, heir to the clans, hand bananas, Han Solo, Zuckuss and 4-LOM, rebel base, The Terminus Gauntlet, the Ohnaka Gang, kicked upside the head, The Great Hunt of Malastare, Banking Clan guy, Bossk and a machete, and we’re HYPED for War of the Bounty Hunters!

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Sal’s favorite moments from Galaxy’s Deadliest!

Sal’s favorite moments from Target Valance!

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