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Star Wars The Clone Wars: Stories of Light and Dark Review!

“Rush not into fights. Long is the war. Only by surviving it will you prevail.”

– Yoda

Back in 2008, the idea of a Star Wars weekly cartoon was fresh and new in our heads. We would gather the kids (who were very small in those days) and we would have an adventure each week. The Clone Wars series grew and so did our kids. We followed all the way through, from the Battle of Christophsis to the Siege of Mandalore…

We return to the Clone War in this middle grade anthology that is perfect for introducing younger readers to the world of The Clone Wars! I enjoy seeing a fresh perspective on something familiar and stories written to introduce new fans to the wonderful world of Star Wars!

The Clone Wars is such a vast and beautiful tapestry that the stories range far and wide. This anthology is no different. Each story and author brings a unique perspective to their telling and the voices each ring with their own unique tone.



In addition to the stunning cover of the book, each story has an illustration by Lorna-ka. I’ve been following her art since I started seeing her pieces of Star Wars Rebels and her style is nothing short of breathtaking. Her art is always so inspired and what she has done for this book is no different. It’s wonderful to see her art on a project like this and I’m super happy that she was able to lend her talents here and I hope to see her art on many more things in the future!

Made For War

The clones.

At the crux of this war are the clones themselves. Bred only for war and called to action there are a lot of moral questions and ambiguity in their story. We see stories here not only through their eyes, but also the Jedi who fight with them, and even the separatists who fight against them. Yoda, who looks past their identical faces to see each individual for who they are. Rex, who fights and sacrifices so much alongside so many of his brothers. General Krell who sees them only as strategic pieces to be used and expended. The clones’ stories are such a tragic unique outlook on what these beings are.

Warriors? Brothers? Pawns? Friends? Leaders? Allies? Property?

It all comes down to who you ask. And what you see.

From a Certain Point of View

The stories range from heroes to Sith, senator to soldier, and Jedi to Nightsister. One thing these stories gives us that their The Clone Wars episodes doesn’t is telling us a story in their words, through their thoughts. Cad Bane recounts his adventures to his prison buddies. Dooku writes in his journal about his misadventures on Florrum. Maul speaks of his true legend. A youngling finds she has the bravery to become a Jedi. The first person stories offer such a unique insight from their storytellers that simply couldn’t be done in any other way.

I mean, c’mon… you KNOW you want to read Dooku’s diary…

The Untold

While most of the stories are familiar to those who have watched The Clone Wars, there are still so many fresh insights and new details to be gleaned. There is one original story by one of my favorite people E. Anne Convery full of some Nightsister sorcery and storytelling and it is definitely my favorite thing. I love the mystery and wonder that a story can hold even in a galaxy full of spaceships and laser guns.

Missing Pieces

While the book is middle-grade and definitely geared towards that age group, Star Wars has that quality that transcends those limits.

Besides, only a Sith deals in absolutes anyway…

For those wanting to introduce younger readers to the Siege of Mandalore, or the Ohnaka Gang, or Padme’s pursuit of peace this book would probably be perfect! I love anthologies and I think this one has something for everyone!

– Sal P.

“I remember when you could trust a Jedi to at least give you a fair fight.

Well, times change.”

– Cad Bane

Star Wars The Clone Wars: Stories of Light and Dark is available now!



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