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Star Wars: Showdown on the Smuggler’s Moon Comic Series Moments!

Continuing the Star Wars 2015 run and the second arc gives us a little bit of everything! A little more Jedi lore, a few more cantina brawls, some unfortunate Imperial entanglements, and even a story from old Ben!

I LOVE the art! The expressions and action are super dynamic and beautiful! The story introduces some really cool characters and concepts that will continue to be a part of future Star Wars storytelling.

And lightsabers.

Plenty of lightsabers.

All the lightsabers.


Journaling is Self Care

Luke starts reading from Old Ben’s journal which tells one of his adventures. Some really great moments in this whole issue and maybe even a little teeny Luke Skywalker!

Stop Thief!

Luke ends a cantina brawl by brandishing his shiny lazer sword!

Which is instantly stolen by a guy with a magnet glove because shiny lazer swords are valuable and magnet gloves are a really good way to steal them.

Nar Shaddaa is sketchy.

Leia and Han and Sana

Meanwhile, the whole Sana situation is unfolding pretty much as expected. Leia don’t have time for this.

The Collector

Turns out the guy who pays top dollar for shiny lazer swords has quite the collection.

Be jealous.

The Cavalry

After receiving a distress signal from Skywalker on Nar Shaddaa (that can’t be good) the Alliance is unable to spare anyone for a rescue party. Fortunately there’s a couple of volunteers.

Chewie is great for a shake down!

Saber Training

So Luke’s capture and imprisonment takes a gladiator-ical turn when he learns he is going to be fighting to the death in the arena.

The good news is that his trainer seems to be able to teach him a bit about how to use that lazer sword!

Silver lining right?

Shadows and Dust

Grakkus the Hutt is not like other Hutts. Aside from his interest in the Jedi, he has a very Proximo from Gladiator vibe to him.

Also he is super buff and has a necklace of lightsabers.

That’s pretty metal.

Ultimate Spy

Always bet on R2.

It’s Dengar Everybody!

Turns out Dengar is out for that Solo bounty. Which gives us a really cool face off with his best buddy.

Boss Fight

Luke’s adversary in the arena is a giant monster cyborg thing called Kongo the Disemboweler.

Seems fair.

You Get a Lightsaber!

The moment that we have all waited for! As the rebels come to rescue their friend R2 has done a little thieving himself! He shoots out lightsabers for everyone which leads to CHAOS!!

It’s wonderful, beautiful, and Chewie has 2 lightsabers!!

Not Clear! Not Clear!

Looks like the Imperials also start getting reports of a Jedi spotted on Nar Shaddaa.

Did I mention Grakkus is Super Buff?

The Sergeant

Looks like that trainer is a lot more than he seems…

Probably isn’t the last we’ll see of him.

Do Not Vacation Here

The story and art really shine here. There’s action, great one-liners, Chewie and 3PO, and all kinds of Leia and Sana! This is an arc that hits on a lot of things but doesn’t feel bogged down and leads straight into Vader Down (on of the most METAL of comic arcs…) I love this series!

And not JUST because lightsabers…

  • Sal P.

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