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Rogue Rebels Podcast 70: Star Wars: The Destiny Path with King Tom!

Sal talks with special guest King Tom Chansky about the Star Wars: The Destiny Path comic series!

Everything from Mega Man comics, Legend of Zelda timeline, the world we built for our children, Tom and Rashad both podcast cheated, Charles who(?), post-ESB, non linear time, Force-splosions, Shara and Kes, Lando is still in hot water, Legends after Empire, code breakers, Amanaman, Freemaker filling in some canon, angry Luke, return to Cloud City, cloud car, Lando sets up smart tech, Lobot, mouse droids, lightsabers don’t make the Jedi, Jedi search, Verla, free of the Force, temple guardian, character likeness, Vader’s trap, cosmic Force questions, kyber crystals, where is that second super weapon, Zahra and Tarkin’s Will, and familiar faces!

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