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Rogue Rebels Costume Journey: Ezra Bridger, Part 2

So in part 1 we got Axel into his first Ezra! This time I’ll go over the improvements and changes we’ve done for this costume.



The first year I tried to pick up one of those Rubies accessories but it just looked bad. The size and paint just weren’t even worth fixing. I later bought Axel the Hasbro Saber toy. The scale was much better, not perfect but good, it has lights and sound, and even fires little missiles. I took it to a fellow Saber Guild member who is something of a saber smith. He modified it so that I could install or remove a dueling class blade, which was great! Now Axel could either hang it from his belt, use it as a blaster, or pop a blade in and pose or duel with it!

Wrist Comm

Axel had been using the foam piece for so long this piece we always wanted to get checked off the to-do list just never quite got done. Most of the time I was trying to mastermind some sort of spring loaded contraption that when he hit the little lever the slingshot would pop up and look pretty cool.

Well turns out I’m not that clever.

I had already made a new leather piece once I actually got my hands on some leather but by then Season 2 trailers and screening were rolling in and I was now trying to figure out not only a functional slingshot but how to make the wrist interchangeable with both versions.

I finally made peace with never having a pop-up slingshot and decided to just make the comm piece. I was also trying to figure out the best way to create pieces like this so I decided to try my hand at 3d modeling and printing.


After what is probably way too much time to spend on a piece this simple I got a nice accurate shape that I got printed up.


After failing at scale and fine tuning the size I printed up a nice piece that I cleaned up and painted and now Axel has a wrist comm!


Tried to drill the holes into the speaker(?) piece but the way the 3d print grid kinda throws the drill off so I kinda messed that up. Axel likes it but I’ll probably eventually give it another try.

Leg Armor

I had purchased the Halloween costume because it came with the leg armor piece and it looked pretty good but was made out of pretty fragile plastic. I reinforced it with some foam but even that didn’t last very long. Like I said these things may last through a nice night of trick or treating but putting Axel in this thing over and over and all the tree climbing, cartwheeling, ninja rolling, and Lightsaber dueling makes quick work of this plastic piece.

After gluing and reinforcing a few times I finally decided just to vac form my own that would actually hold up.


After painting and weathering it looks perfect and holds up!

Knee Pad

The kneepad I decided to once again make out of foam because he actually uses it as a knee pad. I made the rounded shape out of black foam and attached strips of brown foam that way when I painted it up and after Axel wears it out pretty tough and probably scrapes some of the paint off, it would still be brown underneath and look great with the other weathering.


So far it’s holding up solid and looks great.

Belt and Holster

Axel pretty much had entirely outgrown his season 1 belt so I was making him something new regardless. I had purchased my own Han Solo belt to alter into a Dark Disciple Vos belt which just so happened to come with a droid caller. Since I didn’t need it for Vos I took it off and attached it to Ezra’s belt since the season 2 version has one. Also, put on the details and made the belt much better than the last one.

Out with the old in with the new.

I also whipped up the pouch and box from some scrap plastic and extra pleather.

Axel loves his upgrades and for now that’s where he’s at!

I’ve still got a lot to do because he’s kinda outgrown his vest and those boots are falling apart.



Aaaaaand this just in, his jumpsuit barely fits now so it’s time for a new one….


There’s always work to do!!


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