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Star Wars: Rogues and Rebels Favorite Comic Series Moments!

Poncho Luke returns as Rebels plans go awry! Vader himself makes an appearance and our heroes must change up their plans to live to fight another day! The last arc of the 2015-2019 volume of Star Wars takes us all the way up to The Empire Strikes Back and the story from Empire Ascendant gives us Shara and Kes at Echo base!

Greg Pak and Phil Noto deliver solid art and story. Noto’s art is always top-notch and Pak works with our heroes as well as we see him these days working with the villains!


Bigtime Gangster

Han gets busted by Boss Carpo… which throws the entire rebel plan under the bus as it shifts to making a deal.

Die Hard Again

This totally happened in a Die Hard right?


Mark your checklists people.

We have dinosaurs.


Warba comes around a bit but still has plenty of doubts.


The Stone people connect with 3PO as he tries to help avert his previous “bomb the planet” plan.


Chewie wins this round of Battlefront.

Toy Collector

The Stone people help Han find the Falcon. Here ya go li’l guy.

Message Sent

Shara and Kes send a message to their baby boy in case something happens to them.

Strongest as One

The story gives all our main characters some great moments and finishes off the series strong! The 2020 relaunch of the Star Wars title picks up after The Empire Strikes Back and continues the journey.

This comic arc is a must-read for original trilogy fans who especially need some solid C3PO moments!

What was your favorite moment?

  • Sal P.

Check out the Rogue Rebels Star Wars comics Spotify playlist here!



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