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The High Republic: Tempest Runner Review!

“We ride the storm!”

Lourna Dee

The High Republic saga continues with Cavan Scott’s Tempest Runner. An audio drama complete with a full cast and all the usual Star Wars audio fixins! If you’re a fan of those classic radio dramas then you definitely should enjoy this!

The story revolves around Lourna Dee, who happens to be captured by the Republic. The twist? They don’t realize who she is. Which seems like a good thing…

Or could be bad for everyone involved…

Cavan Scott is no stranger to The High Republic fans and once again he delivers plenty of Nihil chaos!


The Lourna Dee

Cunning, ruthless, and deadly, Lourna Dee has made quite the name for herself as a Nihil Tempest Runner. Unfortunately that name has garnered the attention of the Republic and the Jedi who all believe her to be the leader of the Nihil. Good thing they aren’t exactly sure what she looks like. Dee uses this to her full advantage to hide in plain sight. The story also flashes back and we learn quite a bit about Lourna’s past which is very interesting. The best part is seeing behind the mask and getting to the core of Lourna and what makes her dangerous. Without armor, without her tempest, everything taken from her is she still a threat?

You better believe it.


I feel like this is a fascinating idea for those who live life traveling the stars. Where do they come from? Do they have any connection to their roots? Their past? Do they make new homes along the way? It might seem strange for a story like this but it’s definitely something I latched onto.


Much of the story is set on a Republic prison ship which takes the prisoners to various planets in need of help. As some of the prisoners are former Nihil, some of the places are those that have been attacked by the Nihil. It’s a very interesting “let the punishment fit the crime” take. As the story jumps around the Republic ship is definitely not the worst prison to be locked up in.

Clashing Storms

Diving into Lourna Dee’s story also means diving into the Nihil. The fellow Tempest Runners. The Eye himself. While we do get a bit more information on some things, we are still left with plenty of questions for later. This is probably the most in depth we’ve been with the Nihil thus far and I enjoyed getting into that headspace.

Or No-Space?

Bits and Pieces

Lourna’s story has all of the action, conniving, and ruthlessness that we’ve come to expect from the Nihil. The story has plenty of twists and turns to keep us guessing. As an audio drama, it is something that needs a lot of your attention to follow. Especially when the story flashes back or jumps around. Much like, Doctor Aphra and Dooku: Jedi Lost there will probably be a book version of the script released in the future for those who prefer their stories on the page. The vocal performances are all great, Lourna Dee’s accent is a nice touch, and I’ve already talked about how much I like Marchion Ro’s voice in most of the audiobooks. There are also plenty of cameos from some of our other The High Republic favorites!

This is a must-listen for fans of the Nihil and anyone who wants to get the “bad guy” perspective during The High Republic! Like any good villain story, there are plenty of twists along the way and watching to see who will come out on top is riveting!

  • Sal P.

“Let’s remind the Republic what happens when they reap a whirlwind.”

Lourna Dee

The High Republic: Tempest Runner is available now!

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