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Star Wars: Kanan: First Blood Comic Series Moments!

A young Caleb Dume takes his first step into the Clone Wars, training, and protecting the Jedi temple! The entire series is definitely one of my favorites of all time! It has everything! From Jedi training, bacta tanks, and our favorite little curious padawan! The art and writing are all RIDICULOUSLY on point!



Back on Kaller, Kanan is ambushed and put in a bacta tank and our whole crew is put in a pretty dicey situation…

… As usual for rebels…


There is a lot of beautiful training in this comic. Larraz nails the art here. the expressions, the action poses are all gorgeous.

The Legend of Kage

My favorites from Quarzite, the Kage warriors make their return! These guys are aligned with the Separatists but still have the same sweet ninja outfits and sweet skills that made them awesome in The Clone Wars episode Bounty!

Cin Drallig

Problems in the Jedi temple?

Cin Drallig is on it! The saber master himself leads the defense along with our favorite Jedi Temple guards! Man I love their helmets!

Bonus: Younglings.

Depa Billaba Needs a Padawan

Exploring the beginning of the Master/Padawan relationship between Depa and Caleb is a beautiful thing. A few shades of Depa recovering from a devastating defeat and injury on Haruun Kal (which ties into some Legends material) and finding her way back to Jedi general and masters!


Look sir, clones!

Caleb meet his new co-warriors Grey and Styles and the rest of their batallion! Watching Caleb interact with these and a few other shinies is a wonderful, feely, great time…

.. Unless you are thinking ahead a bit and know where this all goes…

In that case it’s heartbreaking.

First Mission

Caleb and Depa getting geared up and ready for war. First of all I LOVE Depa’s gloves/gauntlet pieces.

They just look really cool. And her dress/tunic is also awesome. It give her such a unique Jedi sillhouette!

I mean, her overall costume is fire!

Born Again

Aside from her clothes, Depa herself is wonderfully well done. Her attitude and outlook are like nothing else. She isn’t depressed or vengeful as she recovers in the temple. She takes Caleb in and encourages his curiousity as well as foster his outlook on the war and what the Jedi SHOULD stand for. Depa imbues a young Caleb with some very important lessons that he will need in the not too distant future!

Skull Squadron

This was one of the coolest little cameos. Even more impressive was the fact that the issue dropped the same day the episode of Star Wars Rebels with Fenn Rau aired (The Protector of Concord Dawn!) It’s so cool to get those little connections, and even more interesting now that there’s so much more happening with Mandalorians these days right?

I hope to get more of Fenn Rau someday!

New Cosplay

I mean, technically I have this costume.

Aw crap, there’s a wrist piece…

Vice Admiral

My favorite Imperial shows up on a hunt for a certain annoying, mouthy, pilot that got away. I love tying more of her story into Kanan’s and while it look like this is the end of their intersecting paths there is definitely a LOT more of Sloane’s story to tell that I hope gets told!

The Grand Inquisitor

Well, karabast. That’s gonna be a problem.

(Please see Star Wars Rebels)

Caleb Dume

I wish there were more issues.

This series gives us so much and I love it all. The story and art are all top notch and Depa is my favorite! The pieces of Kanan and his crew that sort of bookend the flashback are all beautiful! Obviously, Kanan is very special to me, but it’s because of stories like this that really strengthen the characters’ depth that makes him all the more special.

I hope in the future we revisit a some more of the secret history of Kanan!

  • Sal P.

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