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Star Wars Phasma Review!

“I am Phasma, and I am the greatest warrior of Parnassos.”



That’s right I said it. Not just because of her shiny armor choices either. Phasma reveals the backstory of this warrior. Not Captain. Not trooper. Warrior. Phasma is nothing short of a force of nature in this book.

Must… resist… only talking about Phasma…

This is the first time we are introduced to Resistance spy Vi Moradi! The story revolves around her capture by the First Order Captain Cardinal. Through an interesting turn of torture and interrogation, Phasma’s story and origins are revealed.

We don’t have time to NOT talk about Phasma so please follow me through this door…



The Revelator and the Absolution

This is our FIRST introduction to Vi Moradi, who is now known for building a very famous Resistance base on Batuu! Before she was ducking First Order at Disneyland, she was General Organa’s top spy (sorry Kaz) and running secret missions all over the place! Unfortunately in this book she is captured returning from one of those missions and taken to a very secret interrogation room and asked specifically about an investigation to Parnassos. The homeworld of Phasma. With an eidetic memory, Vi tells her captor, and us, a story exactly as told to her.


Captain Cardinal

Vi’s captor is CD-0922 Captain Cardinal. A Jakku native, Cardinal rose in the ranks to become Brendol Hux’s trusted right hand. He is in charge of training the young troopers until they age out into Phasma’s program. He has always distrusted Phasma and is looking for answers on how to reclaim his vaunted position and respect within the order. He secretly captures Vi and interrogates her for answers on Phasma he can use against her. Although Brendol is gone, Cardinal has his suspicions and looks for more to bring to his new superiors like Armitage Hux.


The Scyre

As the story is told we learn of Phasma’s origin among the people of the Scyre. The world of Parnassos is a very post-apocalyptic one in which there is no technology and the dying tribes fight to survive with their limited resources and diminishing population. Phasma is their greatest warrior. She trains all their other warriors and they’ve been able to protect their territory against their neighboring enemies. The Scyre is an area of rocky spires jutting out of the vast oceans full of predators. They survive with hammocks, and grappling hooks to move around. It seems that children are becoming rarer and rarer as their numbers slowly diminish in this dying world. The characters here are all well done. Keldo is Phasma’s brother and leads the Scyre in the “nonviolent managerial” sense. Siv is the user of the “detraxors” which harvest vital nutrients from the dead and are used to produce oracle salve which helps the living survive. These people are all amazingly well written and become some of my favorite in the Star Wars universe.


First Contact

When a falling star crashes to their world, Phasma is adamant that they must be the first to find it. She believes it could hold their salvation and a way off their world. The survivors of the crash of an escape pod include Brendol Hux. A General of the First Order who promises them a future if they help him find and repair his shuttle. Phasma disagrees with her clan’s leadership (her brother Keldo) believing that a future off of this world is their only hope. Or maybe, her only hope.

Screenshot_20191016-122149_Marvel Comics.jpg

Journey on Fury Road

So begins their journey. Phasma and a handful of her warriors, along with Brendol and his stormtroopers. The journey is dangerous and mysterious. Phasma has never known life outside of the Scyre. She is amazed when they first encounter land to walk across. Phasma learns everything she can from Brendol. About life in the stars, the First Order, their need for warriors, and their language. Soon Phasma is speaking their language and imitating their accent as well. The journey is dangerous. From fellow tribes attacks to the inhospitable conditions, to poisonous creatures, and even more dangerous predators. Everything about this planet is deadly but Phasma survives every encounter.


The Con Star Dead Lands

As their journey nears its end, they find out the truth about their planet. The ecosystem was destroyed long ago by a mining accident and the survivors and perpetrators simply left the world to die. Taking their commerce to another world, not bothering with the devastation left behind. The greed and the apathy are what make this truth so devastating. It’s something that happens in our world every day, and perhaps, its what our world will become if we keep following the destructive path.


Blood and Chrome

Phasma is fantastic in this book. For all those unhappy with the amount of time she spends on screen she definitely has plenty of time to shine here. Her ruthlessness, ambition, and drive push her far beyond most limitations. Her prowess and deadliness is forged by survival in the most brutal conditions. As a person whose true strength is death, its no surprise that she fits perfectly into the First Order.

Women of the Galaxy Phasma.jpg

Bits and Pieces

Delilah Dawson gives us a thrilling tale. I can’t help but compare it to some sort of Lost, Mad Max, Hunger Games, type of adventure. I personally enjoyed little things like The Nautilus, Keldo, the detraxors, the defense grid, grey sand, an especially dangerous dug, U5-GG, children of Jakku, Frey, knitting in hyperspace, the golden beetle, droid believers, the arena and the Arratu, the cursed Gand, radiation, the unknown malady, the happabore, and the Naboo chrome!

This book rocks. The action is ruthless and bloodthirsty and savage. While most Star Wars books give us blaster shootouts or saber duels this book uses violence on a whole ‘nother level. It’s definitely dark and dangerous but the characters are what make this book. Phasma is a force of nature and all those around her are in awe… or fear. This one is a MUST-READ. For all those curious about Phasma, THIS is where you need to look.

– Sal P.

“Those who survive must move forward.”

– Phasma



Star Wars: Phasma is available now

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