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The Rogue Rebels at The Mandalorian Red Carpet Premiere!

The Rogue Rebels have gone Hollywood…

Silly I know, but we donned a bit of fanciness and the kids brought their Mando buckets and off to the El Capitan we went.

What were we watching you ask?

Why did we bring our Mandalorian finest?

My friends, my friends…

We were lucky guests at The Mandalorian Red Carpet Premiere.

Thus the title of this post.

We went as a team, a crew, a family.

Or I suppose in this case a clan.

(Note Victoria with a teeny helmet…)

It was a lot of fun seeing the joy on our Mando friends’ faces! Finally, their time has come!

We saw the cast and crew and grabbed our photos where we could.

Dave Filoni is always the best and seeing him at these things is always the best. It was great to see him receive the recognition and praise he so deserves.

Gina Carano is such a bright beautiful spark of love that sharing a few moments with her was a really magical moment!


and we also got to see the…


I mean what else can we say…

This series is brilliant and bold. Which is exactly what I love about Star Wars.

I think Herzog said it best during the Q and A portion of the evening (right around 26:50) when he talked about the idea of Star Wars being a modern mythology that we get to watch live and grow. The idea of these culturally significant stories that teach us lessons and unite us.

The MUSIC IS FIRE. I love to hear something fresh, something new and different. This music DEFINITELY qualifies. It’s tribal, organic, but modern as well. Simply inspiring.

I also love me a samurai movie. The Mandalorian has all the best parts of the samurai/western/mythic tropes that have been missing from modern storytelling. Like the rest of Star Wars, the idea of archetypes makes the stories feel timeless. Because while stories come and go. Myths can live on forever.

And also The Mandalorian has a big gun and kills things.

So like… that’s awesome too.

Star Wars is in good hands. Lucas knew what he was doing when he entrusted his disciples with the future of Star Wars. I’m ready to see where the path leads.

This is the way forward.

The way to the future.

The way the galaxy far, far away grows.

This is the way.


P.S. Well… that’s a beautiful costume…



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