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Star Wars: Age of Republic Comic Series Moments!

Screenshot_20191101-233356_Marvel Comics.jpg

Wesa like characters.

This Age of Republic series is made up of one-shot stories each focusing on an individual character. I really enjoyed getting a nice bite-size look into many different characters since we rarely get that opportunity. Here are a few of my favorite moments throughout the series!


Screenshot_20191101-233524_Marvel Comics.jpg

The Jedi Skywalker

Qui-Gon Jinn journeys through hyperspace following only the Force. Much like the skywalkers of the Ascendancy.

Screenshot_20191105-233803_Marvel Comics.jpg

The Kaitis Cartel

Maul’s homage to his first Jedi victory. Also, he wears a really cool helmet.

Screenshot_20191105-234343_Marvel Comics.jpg

Heroic Zabrak

Maul has a vision in which he is a Jedi. He is still really good at jump kicks.

Screenshot_20191105-234240_Marvel Comics.jpg

Visions of Malachor

For fans of Star Wars Rebels, it’s good to see Malachor again. It seems Malachor and Sidious have much to teach.

Screenshot_20191101-234014_Marvel Comics.jpg

Lil’ Kenobi

See that guy on the right? That’s lil’ baby Kenobi.

Screenshot_20191101-234246_Marvel Comics.jpg

The Promise

When Kenobi worries about his ability to teach Skywalker, Yoda reminds him that in order to fulfill his promise to Qui-Gon, he must believe.

Screenshot_20191106-233724_Marvel Comics.jpg

Bounty Hunting is a Complicated Profession

When Jango brings lil’ Boba along on a hunt, hilarity ensues.

Screenshot_20191107-230511_Marvel Comics.jpg

Lil’ Boba

Lil’ Boba has a cool piece of armor. Also, he is a really good shot… and can kill you.

So cute…

Screenshot_20191106-234513_Marvel Comics.jpg

The First Lesson

Lil’ Windu is having trouble building his first lightsaber. Huyang won’t let him fail.

Screenshot_20191106-234803_Marvel Comics.jpg

Technically Alive

Ventress barely scrapes by for that “alive” bounty. That guy is still breathing.

Screenshot_20191107-231157_Marvel Comics.jpg

Who We Are Never Changes

Although Ventress is still living that hardcore bounty hunter loner life, she keeps her eyes open. And when she sees things she’s lived through, she does something.

It’s the new Ventress.. remembering the old Ventress.

Screenshot_20191106-235605_Marvel Comics.jpg

Bombad General

Well, maybe not a general but Jar Jar fighting along with the 501st is always fun. He may or may not have a lightsaber at one point…

Screenshot_20191107-231330_Marvel Comics.jpg

The Jedi of the Military

Anakin struggles with the opposing goals of being a Jedi General. A military strategy can be heartless to a Jedi’s beliefs. But one thing is certain. We can’t go around committing mass murder from a distance.

That’s where Anakin draws the line…

(Apparently, Vader moves it.)

Screenshot_20191102-231956_Marvel Comics.jpg

Tatooine Roots

Skywalker always has trouble encountering slavery. His past isn’t easy to forget.

Screenshot_20191107-231547_Marvel Comics.jpg

Dooku Stan

This really cool tiger-Jedi is a big fan of the former Jedi Master Dooku. One time he saw Dooku dueling Yoda.

Screenshot_20191107-232022_Marvel Comics.jpg

The Enemy of my Enemy

Jedi and Sith back to back! Well, they don’t know Dooku is a Sith… But still, this is a really cool image.

Screenshot_20191104-235048_Marvel Comics.jpg

Handmaiden Chisme

Some of the newer handmaidens are surprised to learn the senator has secrets…

Screenshot_20191102-232607_Marvel Comics.jpg

Battle Handmaidens

That handmaiden training really comes in handy. I love to see them in action and when a firefight breaks out, handmaidens are good to have on your side!

Screenshot_20191107-232227_Marvel Comics.jpg

Temple Intruder

Grievous enters a Jedi temple looking for treasure and conquest.

Screenshot_20191107-232425_Marvel Comics.jpg

Trials of the Khaleesh

It does not go as expected. The Force works in mysterious ways.

Screenshot_20191107-231219_Marvel Comics.jpg

Bits and Pieces

All in all, these are all really cool snapshots of the characters. My favorites are definitely the Ventress short… no surprise… and the Jango story.

And Jar Jar with a lightsaber. Really cool bite-sized adventures!

Check out the Rogue Rebels Star Wars comics Spotify playlist here!



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