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Poe Dameron: The Gathering Storm Comic Series Moments!

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A little bit of spying goes a long way.

The second arc of Marvel’s 2016 Poe Dameron series is “The Gathering Storm“. After the events at Megalox Beta in the previous Lockdown issues, Poe knows there’s a spy among them. C-3PO recruits Poe to join him in recovering one of his spies who has gone missing with intel of the location of Supreme Leader Snoke! This arc is definitely a little bit of spy vs spy but there’s also a fair bit of Terex and his story. Here were some of my personal favorite moments!


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Poe Flies a Stormsailer

Poe meets up with an old friend turned journalist who has uncovered just a little too much info on the First Order. With a firefight bursting out and enemies on their tail Poe steals a Stormsailer and flies it into the storm. Which is.. not exactly how they are supposed to be handled apparently.

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Sneaky Reporter Skills

Suralinda Javos is a Squamatan which apparently can shoot deadly acid-like venom from her fangs.


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Poe Training Roundhouse Kicks

There’s a whole scene of a frustrated Poe punch dancing his rage out while trying to figure out who is the mole in his crew.

Screenshot_20191023-111343_Marvel Comics.jpg

Stuck in the Aftermath

A flashback to Jakku shows a few troopers deciding what to do now that there’s no more Empire. They turn on each other and one gets shot.

Also brutal.

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Try Not to Think About it

Poe, C3PO, and Oddy Muva all arrive on Kaddak where 3PO’s spy went missing. A dude falls from the sky to his death. Much like on the Colossus, Poe does his best to move on.

Screenshot_20191024-162233_Marvel Comics.jpg

Lord Terex

A few flashbacks tell us that Agent Terex was once a stormtrooper left on Jakku. With a friend, he rebuilt a mini fleet that he planned on reviving the Empire with. His criminal friends had other plans and were dealt with. Terex used his fleet to become a crime lord of the Ranc Gang. He has a really cool custom set of armor. As a costumer this pleases me.

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Tell That to Kanjiklub

At one point 3PO is loudly talking about Han Solo and intel of his recent deals with the Guavian Death Gang.

Right in front of Kanjiklub.

So basically, all that drama aboard the Eravana was 3PO’s fault.

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Spymaster 3PO

Poe is stunned and the Ranc gang members threaten the team. 3PO turns the tables with his spies. The Rancs are surprised to find all the droids they never pay attention to are 3PO’s operatives!

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Saving the Spy

Poe takes the spy and 3PO aboard his X-Wing.

In little custom action figure containers.

Screenshot_20191024-180622_Marvel Comics.jpg

Terex’s Collection

The fleet Terex has built is the best LEGO collection ever.

Screenshot_20191024-181242_Marvel Comics.jpg


Poe crash lands on a desert planet with Terex and the Rancs on his tail. Hiding in a cave with no way out Poe comms his squad for options. Snap send Poe a droid personality template to upload into the spy commando droid. Poe uploads it and MISTER BONES LIVES AGAIN!

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BB-8 Saves the Day Again

When Terex is about to defeat Poe BB-8 once again saves the day! Maybe BB-8 was the real violence all along.

Bits and Pieces

There’s some more First Order drama and it’s clear they aren’t ready for open warfare just yet (This takes place before The Force Awakens.) Poe discovers the spy and Black Squadron takes a loss. A fun arc but after this one the series really gets interesting!

– Sal P.

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