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Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Blu-Ray Review!

My family and I have been looking forward to this Blu-ray release very much! I’m not really going to get into my love for Season 2 here because I’ve already gone fairly deep into that on my Sal Looks Back at Star Wars Rebels Finale and Season 2 post so please check that out for my thoughts on this amazing season. We already know how good the feature content is so let’s get into the Blu-ray goodies.


The art is the season 2 poster so it looks awesome. I was a huge fan of The Clone Wars early seasons that came with some concept art booklets and a cool book-style case. I’m one of the people that was pleased with the Target packaging for its The Force Awakens exclusive. It was cardboard, but it opened up with all the character posters and I really liked that.

Star Cluster

The Blu-ray quality once again is stellar. Nothing beats it. I LOVE watching Rebels on Blu-ray because it looks SO. MUCH. BETTER. There’s really no argument here; there’s no digital version that even comes close.

Special features? I’m afraid there’s almost nothing.

  • BLU-RAY EXCLUSIVE: From Apprentice to Adversary: Vader vs. Ahsoka
  • Connecting the Galaxy: Rebels Season 2
  • Rebels Recon

The Vader vs. Ahsoka feature is really interesting and a cool watch but it is pretty short.

The Connecting the Galaxy is alright, but it does seem a bit kiddie. It has things like ” See that? That’s aurabesh!” So I guess I was looking for deeper connections.

Kanan Vader damage

While the special features on the Season 1 release were light I still had something to go through. I love watching “Rebels Recon” but I feel like I can’t really count that because I literally pop that on from the YouTube channel right after watching the episode. This leaves the other two features that total somewhere around 10 minutes. I’m pretty disappointed with that. We live in a weird place in time where there are so many outlets and material to pull things from. I love the interviews with the cast that Andi does for “Rebels Recon” and I’m sure there are unused pieces that could be put together into a whole special feature somewhere. What about the amazing panels from Celebration? A look ahead at Season 3? I was lucky enough to be at the season 2 finale event and I bet the Q&A from that day would make a great feature. There are lots of beautiful pieces of concept art available on the episode guides on the Star Wars website and I’m sure there are many more that could be put into a cool gallery or video feature along with CG renders like the old The Clone Wars Jedi Archives.

I don’t really know who puts these things together but as a fan, I just want more. I don’t know if there’s a plan in place later down the line to release the 40-disc Star Wars Rebels Complete Series Blu-ray collection and they’re saving all the features for that but I need something here. This is definitely the least amount of bonus content from a Star Wars release ever. I hope it’s not a sign of things to come and I hope that season 3 comes packed with more extras and everything is just great! All in all worth the buy for the quality and content of the episodes alone but unfortunately the bonus stuff you’ll be done with as soon as you open it.




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