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Doctor Aphra: Worst Among Equals Comic Series Moments!

Doctor Aphra has had a DAY.

Turns out there might be an internal bomb connecting her with her former-murder-droid-now-greatest-frenemy-Triple Zero that explodes their heads if they get too far away from each other, implanted by a sadistic mad scientist who is also watching their entertaining exploits through a live feed while he fixes his friends arm!

If that doesn’t scream Doctor Aphra madness then… I dunno…


Couples Adventures

Meet Winloss and Nokk! This treasure hunting/monster hunting power couple find themselves working with Aphra to recover valuable treasure!

Temple of Doom

Oh, the treasure is guarded by big monsters.

That’s real bad…


Aphra and Trip find a doc to remove their internal bombs. Except he sucks and trips the timer instead. Before they can get him to fix his mistake Triple Zero makes a teeny mistake and kills him

Well, I guess we’re on a timetable now…


There’s something fishy about the princess and her one armed trooper…

LIVE Justice!

The judicial system on Milvayne is nuts. We see the steps here:

  1. Police arrest you.
  2. Police place you on the edge of a building.
  3. Police yell out your alleged crime.
  4. Police push you to your death.


A Girl and Her Monster

Instead of plummeting to their deaths, Aphra and Trip find themselves amidst the refuse of Milvayne. There they meet li’l Vulaada. A survivor who seeks out junk with her pet qaberworm Gurtyl. Aphra offers creds but Vulaada only deals in food!

The De-animator

Hey kids! It’s Tam Posla! I thought he died!

Oh. He did.

Well, luckily Winloss and Nokk are skilled monster hunters and not at all upset at Aphra’s previous betrayal!

Oh, they are.

The De-Animator’s Muscle

So those sentient Force-sensitive hookspores? Yeah they’re back and they also possessed BT-1.

Ratings Gold

Enjoying the show, Doctor Evazan boosts the feed and broadcasts Aphra and Trip’s exploits to all of Milvayne. Which starts to throw a wrench in the Imperials carefully planned propaganda that has kept the planet so compliant for years…

But can one little duo of scum really change the peoples’ minds?

PR Disaster

Oh no. Now the Imperial PR people are after Aphra too! Add it to the list I suppose…

000 Origins

With nothing left to lose Aphra finally unlocks Triple Zero’s memories.

Making a Difference

Somehow, the selfish doctor and the sadistic droid helping each other inspires the people of Milvayne with humanity!

Imperial PR ain’t gonna like this…

Good Hunters

Even Winloss and Nokk find the real criminals behind all this! Good hunters indeed!

Sic Burn


This is really funny to me.


The Worst

The story is great, our poor Aphra has to once again face her worst qualities and realize she might just be as much of a monster as everyone else she seems to run into. An entire Imperial world is literally the worst spot to drop Aphra into which seems like the perfect recipe for Aphra’s chaos.

This is a must-read for over the top Doctor Aphra shenanigans!

What was your favorite part?

  • Sal P.

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