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Star Wars: Halcyon Legacy Series Favorite Moments!

Aboard the Galactic Starcruiser danger threatens the crew and travelers!

High Republic Hijinks! Clone Wars duels! Bounty Hunters! An unlikely romance!

Ethan Sacks builds stories within stories! Much like the Galaxy’s Edge series, we see into all kinds of different eras!

Here are my favorite moments from this series!


Memory is RAM

D3-09 is a great storyteller! I mean, he’s up there with Seezelslak!

Shug Draybor

It’s great to see the creator of the Halcyon himself in all his anzellan glory!

The High Republic

Nib Assek and Burryaaga make a significant appearance in a story during The High Republic era!

This Guy…

I have no words to prepare you for Crimson Jack.

He can only be experienced…

Aurra and Zam!

This is a team-up I was very excited to see. A couple of my favorite prequel bounty hunters working together was pretty dang sweet.

Under New Management

Following the Halcyon’s ownership throughout its history was fascinating. From the Hutts to the Imperials, the change in ownership really changes how the ship was run!

Run and Play

These lovebirds couldn’t wait for an excuse to play shirtless joust like American Gladiators!

The Bald Banshee

Luckily Anakin was all warmed up by the time a real threat was jeopardizing the starcruiser.

It’s always good to see Asajj again!

So Fat and Satisfied

Imperials being Imperials…

To be fair, I know that the food aboard the Galactic Starcruiser is definitely something I want to stuff my face with…


A beautifully touching moment to tie the different eras together.

Oceans 3

More of this team always.

Lovers’ Twilight

Star Wars romance can be few and far between but when it hits right it can be something really beautiful.

Fighting Crew

Hold up. Self-defense is part of the job training?

Sign me up.

Across the Stars

From the High Republic to the rise of the First Order the story spans the Star Wars timeline in a fun and wonderful way. Plenty of familiar faces and the Halcyon is such a wonderful setting amid the drama of the galaxy. Much like the Galaxy’s Edge series, Ethan Sacks brings many familiar tie-ins to something as simple as a theme park (or hotel) in an entertaining and satisfying way!

This comic is a must-read for fans of the sequel era and tying the eras of Star Wars together!

What was your favorite moment?

  • Sal P.

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