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Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters Favorite Comic Series Moments!

Chewbacca, Leia, Luke, and Lando go toe to toe with Crimson Dawn and all the other underworld gangs standing between them and Han Solo. Charles Soule brings us War of the Bounty Hunters through Han Solo’s best friends eyes.

Which is probably the most important perspective there is!


Jedi Training

After that unfortunate business on Bespin Luke realizes he needs more training for whatever comes next. Complete with cool workout clothes Luke and multiple training remotes!

The Map

Now that Luke is getting serious on his Jedi path, R2 has some helpful info for him. It’s cool to see this nice little nod to The Force Awakens and where R2 got all that helpful info!

A Friend

Chewbacca’s old friend from Solo: A Star Wars Story shows up again to help! Sagwa seems to be doing well for himself out there on Nar Shaddaa.

The Angle

When our heroes find out Crimson Dawn has Han, Chewie reaches out to Lando for help. The rebels are still a little mistrustful after Cloud City, but Lando knows Crimson Dawn and right now…

… it’s worth the gamble.


Readers of Light of the Jedi might recognize the planet! Well played Charles Soule!

Secret Cargo

Luke Skywalker and Starlight Squadron join forces to rescue another rebel fleet! In a time when the Alliance desperately needs a win, they find Mon Mothma herself!

Vader Down

Luke uses a very Star Wars: Squadrons – Hunted move against Vader to knock out his TIE advanced!

Faith in an Old Friend

Lando has a moment to connect with his long-lost co-pilot and think about his past.

And his future.

Hope is Like the Sun

I love Amilyn Holdo.

Girl Talk

Leia and Qi’ra share a few moments aboard the Falcon. I was completely surprised and their interaction was well worth it! One, a leader of a rebellion. The other, a leader of a crime syndicate. But they do have at least one thing in common…

The Good Guy

Qi’ra shares a story from Corellia of her and Han’s childhood.

Bounty Lost

These issues fit best with the War of the Bounty Hunters mini-series as they don’t overlap in a repetitive way. That’s probably because Charles Soule wrote both of them I’d imagine. The story takes our characters further on their path towards Return of the Jedi and still throws us for a few loops! The Qi’ra and Leia scenes themselves are worth the price of admission! Not to mention Luke getting better with his new saber and Lando figuring out what he really wants!

This comic arc is a must-read for classic trilogy fans and fans of Solo: A Star Wars Story! Seeing things from those two worlds collide brings a whole new understanding of our favorite heroes and their past!

What was your favorite moment?

  • Sal P.

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