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Doctor Aphra: War of the Bounty Hunters Favorite Comic Series Moments!

In the biggest Star Wars comic crossover yet Doctor Aphra makes her own moves to come out on top. Unfortunately in her way are Domina Tagge, Crimson Dawn, Black Sun, Just Lucky, Boba Fett, a room full of people she’s double-crossed, and last but not least-lethal: Darth Vader.

Seems like another wonderful day in the life of our favorite rogue archaeologist.


The Core

While the Nihil Path engine is a fake there seems to be a very important piece to recover. Aphra recovers it just before the engine blows everything to smithereens!

Durge Lives

On another mission for Domina Tagge, our duo runs across a familiar giant armored bounty hunter. Durge makes his canon debut!

It doesn’t seem to work out too well for him but hey, I’ll add his name to the pile of peeps trying to kill Aphra!


So that’s why everyone on board is dead! Alien cymotes who lay their eggs in hosts and eat their way out, call to mind my favorite xenomorphs!

Party Time

Aphra attends Crimson Dawn’s big auction and just can’t help herself from profiting!


That is, until the one thing in the galaxy that scares her shows up…

Run Lil Aphra!


Aphra, Sana, Lucky, and Ariole team up to escape and find their way to the armory of their dreams!


I’m really loving the return of Deathstick. While I never got far enough to encounter her in Star Wars Uprising, I always loved her design and it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of her!

Thought Dowser

Aphra find this artifact of The Ascendant and uses it to force her attackers to stab themselves. Powerful dark side stuff.

It does take a toll on her though. Afterward, her arm looks like she used the Infinity Gauntlet!

Separate Ways

Looks like this is a good time to split up the team.

Hail Hydra

Aphra finally accesses the stolen data crystals and realizes that Crimson Dawn is everywhere. Looks like this ain’t the last she’ll see of Qi’ra and her machinations.

Bounty Claimed

Doctor Aphra’s part in the story has very little to do with Solo but hey, she does come across riches and info that seem to put Crimson Dawn right in her path going forward. Sana, Lucky, and Ariole have some great moments and I’m really liking seeing them all together. Hopefully, it’ll happen again sometime! There is plenty of classic Aphra chaos, craziness, and even dark side artifacts!

This comic arc is a must-read for Doctor Aphra fans and anyone looking to see Aphra reconnect with anyone and everyone out to get her!

What was your favorite moment?

  • Sal P.

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