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Doctor Aphra: Crimson Reign Favorite Comic Series Moments!

Just when you think Doctor Aphra cannot raise the chaos bar any further, Alyssa Wong says “Hold my spotchka.”

Business Assassins! Sith wannabes! Tagge survivors! Schoolday shenanigans! And cheating death!

Seems like another beautiful day in the life of our favorite rogue archaeologist.

Here are my favorite moments!



A performance review can be lethal over at the Tagge Corporation! But there’s a reason Domina is the Big Boss…


Blushy blushy Aphra can’t handle a compliment.



After using the Thought Dowser on the Vermillion, Aphra’s electro-tattoos are in for some upgrades. Which Domina easily provides! Can’t wait to see them in action!


No one’s ever really gone.

This definitely can’t be good.

Put Yo Hands Up

Kho Phon Farrus is one of Aphra’s old-school frenemies. Their obsession with the Sith has led them to study and use Ascendant technology which makes them a Force (haha) to be reckoned with.

I just really like the fact that Kho cuts people’s arms off and then uses them in a fight like some kind of horror video game boss!

Ubese Crew

The mere fact that Boushhh and the Ubese crew show up is a solid thumbs-up from me. Can’t wait to see what happens next!


There’s a really cool ancient Ascendant thingie that Kho has been trying to unravel and solve since their school days back at the University of Bar’leth! I just think it sounds really cool.

Back To School (Pink Maggit)

There are a few flashbacks to Kho and Chelli meeting back in the day which gives us all the dirt on this age-old drama!

At The Heart

An ancient forbidden ritual of a dark side secret society needs a secret forbidden hideout.

Seems legit.


Any time Star Wars characters get to throw hands is always fun for me.

(Please see my section on Beilert Valance.)

Wake the Spark

And just when you think you know what’s going to happen BAM. Things go left super hard and we now have no IDEA where we go from here.

Life Eternal

Alyssa Wong takes the usual Aphra meter up to 11 and it doesn’t look like it’s coming down anytime soon. Minkyu Jung hits us with some beautiful splash pages but more importantly, LOTS of wonderful expressions in the characters. The magic that is Doctor Aphra seems like so many things that might be too much but somehow come together to create stories that fill me with enjoyment. There’s no Star Wars around that’s this level of fun. Doctor Aphra and her menagerie continue to make me smile and scream with their antics.

This comic arc is a must-read for Doctor Aphra fans who have no problem taking the Chaos-o-meter up to 11!

What was your favorite moment?

  • Sal P.

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