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The High Republic: Starlight Stories Review!

“The Republic and the Jedi working together for the good of all. I think we make quite a team…”

Avar Kriss

If you can’t stand the wait until the next phase of The High Republic you might enjoy revisiting some familiar faces in this collection of short stories aboard Starlight Beacon!

Starlight Stories is a collection of fiction previously published in Star Wars Insider. In addition to the five short stories, the collection also includes interviews with the authors behind The High Republic!

From the Great Hyperspace Disaster, the Battle of Kur, and even the aftermath of Valo, the stories dig into some of the lesser-known faces from Phase I. Some characters are brand new, some are a bit familiar, and some are major characters with their own books or comics. The stories are each interesting and flesh out many pieces or characters you might recognize. The book includes beautiful illustrations to go along with each story. I’ve always been a fan of anthologies and this one is no different.

The short stories contained in this collection are:

  • Go Together by Charles Soule
  • First Duty by Cavan Scott
  • Hidden Danger by Justina Ireland
  • Past Mistakes by Cavan Scott
  • Shadows Remain by Justina Ireland

The interviews from the story architects of Phase I also offer plenty of interesting tidbits and info on the creation of The High Republic. It’s always a treat to hear directly from the creators themselves on their process, inspiration, and even where they may be headed!

If you missed these stories, this is the perfect chance to get them all in one place!

This is a must-read for any High Republic Phase I fan looking for some great stories until we meet our familiar faces again in Phase III!

  • Sal P.

“Wherever we go, we’ll go together.”

Pikka Adren

The High Republic: Starlight Stories is available now!

Check out the Rogue Rebels High Republic playlist here!



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