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Help Robb Our Lightsaber Friend Recover!

If you have ever seen one of our Saber Guild charity performances you have probably seen us fight Robb.

Robb Yanagihara has been a close friend since we joined the group about 10 years ago.

While we are always fighting him in shows, in reality, he’s always been kind to our family and instrumental in our community for pushing the charity group forward.

He recently had a serious stroke and is now on his road to recovery.

If you can help with medical costs and bills while he recovers it would be greatly appreciated.

He has always been welcoming, selfless, sleeveless, and giving.

Now it’s our chance to do the same for him.

Please visit/share/donate to his GoFundMe whatever you can!

GoFundMe link for Robb Yanagihara!


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