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LEGO Star Wars The Freemaker Adventures Season 1 Blu-ray!


LEGO Star Wars is kinda its own special brand of Star Wars. Complete with its own toy line, TV shows, and lately it seems its own self-contained canon! LEGO Star Wars The Freemaker Adventures is the latest of these recent LEGO shows for anyone looking for that LEGO fix. The Freemakers are a family of scavengers and repair shop owners trying to make their way in the galaxy. It’s definitely a show geared towards younger kids but it’s also something I can enjoy with the kids. As far as the show goes, it’s definitely the best of the LEGO Star Wars animated offerings so far. The story is delivered with all the humor and fast-paced writing that the LEGO animation is known for. While it is most certainly very kid-oriented there were a few moments that had me literally laughing out loud.

The Blu-ray release once again looks amazing. With all the streaming and iTunes and HD versions out there all of that still somehow pales in comparison to a good Blu-ray quality–solid audio and video delivered in a way only Blu-ray can.

The bonus features are also a huge thing to consider when picking up a Blu-ray. Unfortunately, the recent Star Wars releases have all suffered from minimal bonus features and this is no exception; there are only two bonus features included here. The first, The Freemaker Adventures: Meet the Freemaker Family, was actually released on the Star Wars YouTube channel prior to the show’s release. This really fits in that unfortunate Rebels Recon pile that, while is fun to watch, is content we’ve already seen and is already available to us. The second, Freemaker Salvage and Repair, is a really cute little commercial for the Freemakers’ repair shop. It’s fun and everything but totals to about two minutes or so. While the Star Wars Rebels Blu-rays have also suffered from minimal bonus content, the edge they have is that the interviews are usually well worth a few rewatches. Unfortunately, while these bonus features are fun, one is already available and the other is a fun couple of minutes.

All things considered, this is worth the pickup if you really like the show because that’s pretty much all you’re going to get. If you’re satisfied with your streaming quality and your iTunes purchases then maybe this is one you can skip. If you watch it with your kids and want to toss on the surround sound and HDTV then this is the best way to see it!





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