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Mastering the Art of Kanan Cooking: My Morning Omelette


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Hello Everyone! I am back-late again! Yeah sorry but I’m here and here is the recipe!


My Morning Omelette

I discovered this recipe when I first got this book. I was flipping through the book out of excitement reading all the recipes out loud. When I said “My morning omelette” my dad looked at me and ordered me to make him a Kanan omelette!


He basically looks like this when he knows he’s getting an omelette.


That night we left to the store to get all of the ingredients. I was to get up early and make him breakfast. The first time I made it the omelette crumbled into scrambled eggs. My dad still loved it even though he teased me about how it should be an omelette.

Because I was on vacation I had a ton of mornings to practice the omelettes. I got better then my dad asked if I could add some more spices. I added some seasonings that we got in Arizona.

These omelettes are the best breakfast even if they crumble into scrambled eggs! It feeds 2 regular adults or a very hungry Freddy!

See you later in the next late recipe! 😀


P.S. You can get Freddie’s book here and cook up some of these AMAZING recipes yourself!


P.P.S. The idea behind this came from a film called Julie & Julia which you can check out here!

J and J


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