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Star Wars Myths and Fables Review


Heroes born to destiny to save the galaxy from evil archetypes has long been a staple of Star Wars. This book focuses on legends and myths and cautionary tales from a galaxy far far away. 

… Which I think is REALLY cool. Just as Star Wars stories are kind of mythology for us it’s awesome to be able to dive into some of their childhood bedtime stories. The book contains nine stories and each has an illustration. The art in this book is gorgeous. A very timeless handpainted looking art style that reminds me of classical art and depicts some familiar Star Wars tropes with a twist. The whole book is beautifully put together.

The Knight & The Dragon

This one is pretty much spelled out in the title. I really enjoyed the Beowulf ish theme and the familiarity of Tatooine.

The Droid With a Heart

Another one I didn’t see coming set during the Clone War. I really dug the way this one focused on the differences between droids and humanity.


Vengeful Waves

This one was such an Atlantean story but I loved how it worked into the story one of the biggest problems facing us today. Greed.


The Wanderer

This one was one of the coolest… especially for those Jedi lovers out there.


The Black Spire

This was my favorite story out of the book. Something out of a fairy tale this story about a young girl trying to help her family when no one else could is the essence of Star Wars. Anyone can be a hero.

Gaze of Stone

This one is a really cool story with Sith!

The Witch & The Wookiee

This one was interesting. I really enjoyed the whole thieves on the run aspect and this one almost felt more like a ghost story than a fairy tale.


The Dark Wraith

This one is the ultimate bogeyman story.


Chasing Ghosts

This is one that was almost a story of a story and was beautifully done.

Bits and Pieces

While the stories are nice and bite-sized there are still some great things packed in! Glee Anselm, the Droid General, Tatooine, Korriban, Krayt, Darth Caldoth, Loth Wolves, swords of light, and the eternal witness the Black Spire itself.

This is a wonderful book that is definitely worth a read. As a parent, it’s also something that I would have loved to have when my kids were younger… (although I still plan on sharing a few of these bedtime stories….)

– Sal P.

Star Wars Myths & Fables is available now!



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