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The High Republic Adventures: Volume Three!

The High Republic Adventures brings us to the end of Phase I with our favorite Padawans as they take their final steps for light and life and hugs and love! Daniel José Older brings us a heartfelt, bold, and brilliant conclusion!

Jedi Sweet pastry recipes! Jedi retirement adventures! Rumble Races with no rules! Jedi knightings! These are some of my favorite moments!



Young sir, you may have said too much…


Buck runs things harder core than Fight Club!

Chaos Rising

I just can’t explain the power and beauty of a Harvey Tolibao splash page.

It needs to be experienced.

Limit Break

Buckets of Blood with the say-the-whole-name-of-the-special-move-booya and EVEN STILL you are powerless against it!


While Qort has found himself on a new level (thanks to unfortunate events on Takodana) he meets another fellow teeny Aloxian. Meditating shenanigans shall be had.

Let the Past Die

Zeen and Krix finally hash everything out face to face. In a genre where moments like these can feel cliche, contrived, or predictable; DJO makes this interaction feel fresh, empowering, and authentic in a way that’s hard to nail.

There is Peace

A beautiful end to a beautiful story full of characters I’ve grown to love and feel for. Lula, Zeen, Farzala, Qort, Buckets of Blood, and Kantam! So many characters full of light, love, and laughter in a way we rarely get to see in these stories. If you haven’t picked up this series yet do yourself a favor and get to it!

I can’t wait to see what’s next for these characters.

What was your favorite moment?

  • Sal P.

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Check out the Rogue Rebels Star Wars comics Spotify playlist here!



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