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The High Republic: Jedi’s End Favorite Comic Arc Moments!

Keeve Trennis has a plan to take down the Nihil from the inside out and Master Kriss is willing to do whatever it takes, but the Nihil have their own secret weapon ready and it works really Kriffing well on Jedi… Which is very bad…

Cavan Scott brings Phase I of this comic series to a close with plenty of things to be afraid of. The story is full of all the drama and pain you’d expect from Cavan Scott (he knows what he did) but these were some of my favorite moments!


Doc Call

Hey, look! It’s Skeer’s skeleton! For some reason, I think it’s all cute and stuff…

More Skeletons

Not gonna lie. I think it’s fun to see Hutt skeletons…

I don’t think Myarga is having any fun tho.

I don’t know why I enjoy skeletons so much.

Twin Husks

Oh, I hate when this happens…

Avar Vs. Lourna

Another “rematch of the century” when Avar finally catches up to Lourna. Just one Jedi against a mech suit empowered relentless Tempest Runner!

Casual Friday

Skeer chilling in his meditation hoodie.

I would like one in black, please.

The Fallen Star

Oh no… not again…

This is Getting out of Hand

Things go from bad to worse for our Jedi.

Boo Goes Savage

When the tide needs to turn, the Jedi step up. And Sskeer is definitely one I would trust with my life.

Hear Me Baby, Hold Together

Starlight crumbles and Maru gives everything to hold it together just a little longer.

The Song

As the stars go out our heroes are left bruised, battered, and broken as the real threat of the Nihil is starting to come to light. Keeve has come so far from being knighted and together she, Sskeer, and Avar have been some of the most compelling characters in a timeline FULL of compelling characters. Like the rest of my favorite High Republic characters, I can’t wait to see where we go from here.

This comic is a must-read for all High Republic fans especially those who want to see the Jedi confront those who would use their fear against them!

What was your favorite moment?

  • Sal P.

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