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Cool Things I Learned From Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: Traveler’s Guide to Batuu!


Anyone out there longing for bright suns will find some comfort in this Travelers’ Guide!

I love in-universe material.

I mean, Black Spire Outpost is kind of the ultimate in-universe experience so this handy little guide filled with info and tidbits is something to thank the skies for!

Whether you’ve always wanted to visit Batuu or they know your name and drink order at Oga’s Cantina, this guide has plenty of fresh info on Black Spire Outpost. An organized, illustrated, detailed guide highlighting locations, important people, and local customs!

Here are a few of my favorite things!


Galaxy Adventurer

So the “author” of this handy guide is Eloc Throno: Galaxy Adventurer…

Which is something I wish I could have as a profession…

I mean, he did study at the Graf archive so that’s cool.



The Halcyon

One of the preferred methods of travel to Batuu is the Chandrila Star Line’s Legendary Halcyon! Sophistication! Elegance! Glamour!

Sounds expensive…

But I want to go.



Batuu Politics

The book touches on the fact that Batuu has never really had any formal kind of government and remained uninterested/untouched by many of the galactic conflicts in the past.

Although recently the planet has seen some action from both the Resistance and The First Order…



There are a few notable systems a short jaunt away from Batuu.

I hear Castilon isn’t safe anymore.

I am eager to see the Richard Ayoade series on making a weekend trip to any of these.


The Old Settlers’ Song

This song appeared in the book Black Spire by Delilah Dawson and I LOVED this.

Happy to see it live on in Batuuan culture as it should.


My Favorite Mechanic

If you’ve read any of the Galaxy’s Edge books you already know Salju. Finally seeing her is really cool and she is one of my favorite Black Spire residents!


Mubo’s C1 Rating

So Mubo doesn’t care much for C1s.

How dare…


The Trilon Wishing Tree

Another of my favorite spots is the wishing tree. I love the idea behind it and seeing it explained a bit here is great.


That One Time at the Cantina

If you’ve read Thrawn: Alliances then you get a more complete picture of this incident that has been passed down to become Batuuan urban legend…


R-R-R-Radio Godalhi

Whenever I go to Black Spire, the kids and I spend a lot of time on the app hacking into everything we can! We also try to intercept these radio signals to hear Godalhi!


Tuggs’ Grub

You all know we love food in this house. My little Lizzy is inspired by Cookie and his cooking! It’s great to see him get a nice shout out and mention his traveling restaurant!


The Spy

Vi is another of our favorite characters. Glad to see her portion of the book!

You go Starling!

Bits and Pieces

The book is full of fun and useful info from galactic maps, helpful phrases, and even packing suggestions! Plan your next journey or just to learn about Batuu from that in-world point of view!

Till the spires!

-Sal P.



Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: Traveler’s Guide to Batuu is available now!

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