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Poe Dameron: The Awakening Comic Series Moments!

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The final arc of the Poe Dameron series finally catches up with the films and drops us on the Millennium Falcon in the aftermath of The Battle of Crait. Poe is catching up with Finn and Rey and we hear a few missing pieces from their adventures since Jakku. Like I said before, this series really gets better and better and this final arc is definitely my favorite. Not only does it include the other characters from the movies, but it really pays off on the Black Squadron characters that we’ve come to love over the series.


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The Long Ride After

Poe finally catches up with Finn and Rey and they all catch each other up on what’s been going on since that fateful day on Jakku.

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I am With the Resistance

Poe talks about surviving the Jakku wastes and telling stories about the Resistance…

… which really entertains this one bored dude on Jakku.

Screenshot_20200618-110435_Marvel Comics.jpg


You are not allowed to forget them.

Screenshot_20200618-110242_Marvel Comics.jpg


Nien pops into the cockpit to help his old buddy pilot the ship.

Reader: I cried.

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Recon with a Snap…

We get a few more details on Wexley’s recon mission to Starkiller. Looks like he got stuffed in a little tube and dropped into orbit to sneak past their sensors.

Looks worse than an escape pod.

Screenshot_20200618-111813_Marvel Comics.jpg

Terrible Idea

Jess attaches an experimental booster to fling Poe past the targeting computers.

It actually works out really well. (See: The Last Jedi)

Screenshot_20200618-111538_Marvel Comics.jpg


C-3PO assists Rey in translating her new books. How useful!

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War Stories

There’s one issue in particular that retells the story of The Battle of Starkiller. Eventually we find that the story is being told to R2 by BB-8. It’s heartbreaking and insightful all at once. BB-8 tells of the people they lost, but their astromechs too. R2 remarks that he has witnessed so much of this.

Screenshot_20200621-002746_Marvel Comics.jpg

Black Squadron’s Mission

After Starkiller, Leia sends Black Squadron on a mission to find allies. A wonderful adventure that also explains where they were during The Last Jedi and leads right into Resistance Reborn!

Screenshot_20200621-234413_Marvel Comics.jpg

Old School

In the annual issue Black Squadron hops into some classics. I just love to see some nice throwbacks!

Screenshot_20200621-005500_Marvel Comics.jpg

No One Gets Left Behind

The end of the series is wonderfully fitting and really hits all the right notes. As the only long running Resistance-era series we’ve had so far it’s been the best look at the politics of the cold war between The Resistance and The First Order. The characters of Black Squadron are well done and I hope to see them in further media (thanks Resistance Reborn) as we move into the future.

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