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Space Mom’s Review – Legion Trooper Clothing

Liz Legion trooper


I have a soft side for small businesses, especially when the owners  of those small business are little girls! Not too long ago a dear friend of mine approached me and told me his daughter had a dream to create shirts for girls that depicted women heroes.  One of the coolest part of this “Pop & daughter” project is the way that they went by ensuring that their shirts depict strong amazing women .

“I knew plenty of amazing women role models that just happened to wear “hero” suits during the weekend helping charities of all types and bringing smiles to children along the way”


With the help of amazing talented artists

the  pop & daughter project was born!

Checkout their website at they have a big selection of shirts.


Full disclosure, Lizzy and I  are humbled by being chosen as part of these women role models.


First things first, the shirts are super cute!!!  The colors and art are beautiful and empowering.  The art created for the shirts was inspired by women with amazing costumes who are members of The 501st Legion, The Rebel Legion, and The Mandalorian Mercs.


The Pros:

Sometimes you don’t know the quality of a piece of  fabric until you put it through the washer, that is why when I received my shirt I immediately wore it but I took a week to wash it and wear it again.   I am happy to report that the shirt is like new!  We are talking about some quality stuff here.  The shirt is soft, the colors, and the art are just as new.

The Cons:

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that the sizes do run a bit small.  Lizzy and I got Large.  Just make sure to order a size up.

All in all the quality and design alone make these shirts worth wearing.

Do yourself a favor and make your way to their site and pick up some for yourself!





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