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The High Republic: Balance of the Force Favorite Comic Arc Moments!

Jedi Knight Vildar Mac travels to Jedha where he learns from fellow Jedi Matthea Cathley that there has been a string of recent Force artifact thefts. Mac decides to help find the culprits and crosses paths with troublemaker Tey Sirrek. After a near-death experience, their adventure on Jedha begins to uncover troubling designs against Force wielders and the true intentions of the Path of the Open Hand!

Force nightmares! Guardians of the Whills! The fall of the Protector! And Enlightenment for all!

Cavan Scott brings us another adventure full of fun characters and dark dealings on a Jedha we would love to know more about!

Here are some of my favorite moments!


Dim Mak

I would put money on Tey being able to break the bottom brick.

How Wude

So while the Jedi have been a presence on Jedha for a long time, some residents don’t seem to like them very much.

You’re Not on the List

The Enlightenment’s twin bouncers: The Twinkle Sisters.


A Convocation of the Force meeting erupts into violence pretty much guaranteeing no interest in new membership.

Who knew people take their Star Wars clubs so seriously…


Cool different Force skills!! Plant people doing plant healing!

Former Guardian

Turns out Tey Sirrek used to be a Guardian of the Whills! The backstory here is excellent!

Specter of the Past

In the square when things start getting weird for the Force users, Oliviah Zeveron is the first to see something.

Balance Seeker

While the Convocation of the Force is all about balance, The Herald has a different interpretation of balance that does NOT go over well.

*Bonus Yana Ro*

The Protector

A sweet story that informs us of some of the most interesting establishing shots when we first see Jedha on screen in Rogue One!

The Force Will be Free

Chaos and violence boil over on Jedha and everyone is a target. The art by Ario Anindito and Andrea Broccardo is beautiful, dynamic, and expressive. The energy of the story is definitely lifted up by the artists. I love seeing more of Jedha and some of its past as a holy city. I also enjoyed seeing more Force organizations all coming together. While I’d definitely like to dig deeper into each of their belief systems and culture, it’s fascinating to see them interact and work together. The Path of the Open Hand plays a huge part in this series, and the events on Jedha if you’ve been following more of the other stories from Phase II of The High Republic… Tey is such an enjoyable breath of fresh air and his interactions with self-serious Vildar always brings a smile to my face.

This comic is a must-read for all High Republic fans and those curious about Jedha! Lots to learn and see in this series!

What was your favorite moment?

  • Sal P.

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