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Star Wars: Visions One-Shot Favorite Moments!

Takashi Okazaki brings the Ronin to the comic panel with gorgeous illustrations.

This is a one-shot I wish was a series! The comic follows the Ronin on his adventures before we see him in Star Wars: Visions: The Duel and his further adventures in Ronin: A Visions Novel!

The illustrations are beautiful in a manga style that fits perfectly with the colorless world we glimpse in The Duel. The story is just as action-packed and visually stunning as the anime.

Lightsabers! Sake! B5! And a hot spring!

The world of the Ronin has been so wonderfully and imaginatively fleshed out in the book that readers who have followed the Ronin’s other adventures will have some stunning visuals and insights to add to the history we know from the book by Emma Mieko Candon.

It’s another interesting day in the journey of the Ronin as he continues his quest. I hope we continue to see additions to his story because the world is so interesting and imaginative.

This comic arc is a must-read for Star Wars Visions fans who could use some extra Ronin adventure!

What was your favorite moment?

  • Sal P.

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