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Bounty Hunters: Crimson Reign Favorite Comic Series Moments!

After Valance is left for dead on the Executor, T’onga and her crew continue to search for the heir who can end the syndicate war on Corellia. They better hope they find her before Crimson Dawn does.

Regicide! Childhood dreams attained! Bacta footbaths! And best frienemies!

Ethan Sacks continues to bring plenty of underworld dealings and great characters to the series.

Here are my favorite moments!



Li’l baby Valance dreams of being a hero of the Empire one day.

More Machine Than Man

Valance finds himself rebuilt by Vader to be nothing more than a tool of the Empire. Valance is devastated as more of his humanity is stripped away.

Imperial Cadet

Another nice flashback to Valance’s days in the academy with the insufferable Han Solo himself.


Valance is put to the test in command of Dark Squadron flying TIE defenders in service of Lord Vader himself.

It isn’t quite the dream Valance wished for after all.

Foot Spa

Meanwhile, T’onga and her crew are trying to find any lead to Cadeliah.

AND Bossk is still growing his feet back.

Best Friends Forever

Zuckuss reunites with 4-LOM!

… who is still intent on killing Zuckuss but hey, friendships can be complicated!

Long Live the King

Vukorah finally becomes the Grand Leader of the Unbroken Clan.

And all it took was a little murder!


Looks like 4-LOM has a few scenes missing from their memory banks.

A Brother’s Justice

T’onga has a really cool flashback too. Non Force ghosts have their moments too!

Scrumrat Savior

Looks like Vukorah has become a thorn in Lady Proxima’s side…


The hardest level of any video game, the dreaded kidnapping level. T’onga and the crew take Vukorah prisoner! With LOTS of pew-pew, speeder chasing, excessive explosion filled action!

Heir to the Syndicates

Poor Cadeliah has already been taken by Crimson Dawn.

But what exactly Qi’ra’s plans are are still a mystery…

In Service to the Empire

Valance survives, but continues his depressing descent into existentialism. T’onga, Tasu, Bossk, Zuckuss, Losha, and 4-LOM continue to make me smile as their personalities clash in hilarious ways! The story continues to build towards whatever it is that Qi’ra and Crimson Dawn work towards!

This comic arc is a must-read for fans looking for plenty of pulse-pounding underworld violent shenanigans!

What was your favorite moment?

  • Sal P.

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