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Star Wars: Visions Review!

“It’s a shame I’m not a Jedi.”

The Ronin

This anime anthology takes the Star Wars themes we know and love and delivers them in nine brilliantly fresh lenses. Each episode showcases it’s own unique story and style which varies wildly episode to episode. The series is a shining example of how the best qualities of Star Wars translate worldwide!

Like all anthologies, you’ll have your own favorites! Here are some of my thoughts!


The Duel

This piece feels like a classic samurai film. The score, the black and white style, and the film grain effect all set the perfect mood for this piece. Personally I’m a huge fan of samurai films so this is my jam! A wandering swordsman fighting off a dark warrior at a village in peril? Yes, please! I love the moment the Ronin draws his blade from his scabbard! CHEF’S KISS. Give me all the umbrella sabers!

Not to mention that this short is the perfect stepping off point for an amazing book Ronin: A Visions Novel!

Tatooine Rhapsody

While not quite a rock opera, this is one of the cutest in the collection! The idea of a Jedi survivor hiding as a singer of a rock band is something we’ve never seen! I love the fact that the band becomes a little family of their own. Teeny Boba Fett voiced by Temuera Morrison! The band with a hutt bass player! While the pop punk style of the band isn’t my personal taste, all of the score music throughout the episode is full of warmth and energy! I love the look and sound palate of this particular short!

The Twins

Over the top huge anime action! If that’s your jam then this is the one for you. From a kyber powered six lightsaber whip wielding suit to attacking a star destroyer atop a space faring X-Wing! The music is epic, the action swings from the fences and the entire energy of this one is bananas!

The Village Bride

This is one of the most beautiful pieces of Star Wars ever created. The themes of harmony and nature fit perfectly with familiar core Star Wars themes. F has the best outfit, lightsaber, and shoes in the galaxy! The voice talent shines here as well. Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa himself! Christopher Sean is back in Star Wars! The score for this one is haunting and choral in a way Star Wars seldom gets.

The Ninth Jedi

What can I say about this one that hasn’t already been said. A deep history, compelling story, and some mystery make this one memorable. The idea of sabers that change colors according to those who wield them is rad. The saber smith who is able to create lightsabers, which have apparently been lost to time long ago. The main character Kara, has some wonderful character moments. From a speeder chase, to wielding a saber herself! This one feels like it gives an entire world of story while still having plenty of action!


The story of a robot who dreams of being a Jedi. Can it get any cuter? T0-B1, his patient creator, and his robo buddies all work towards creating life! The themes of the boy who wants more and what being a hero really means shines through. T0-B1 feels like a fairy tale and delivers the tragedy and triumph with real heart.

The Elder

The Elder feels like it could drop into canon anywhere between The Rule of Two and The High Republic. Tajin and Dan have a very natural dynamic that feels as familiar as Jinn and Kenobi. The creepy baddie is super dangerous, disturbing, and devious! I love the Elder’s blades, actually most of the lightsabers in this series rock. A short simple story with great action and characters!

Lop and Ocho

Anyone looking for their found-family Star Wars can stop right here. The story of the orphan being adopted into a family is the heart of Star Wars. The battle between the Empire and the planet Tao feels like the battle between tradition and harmony and imperialism and industrialization. The landscapes are breathtaking hand-painted pieces and the characters are very endearing. The ending of the story is bittersweet, truly touching, and relevant in our current world.


This story is a huge shift in tone. A Jedi returns to his first love to help her save her world and in doing so, seals her fate. The story is a mirror of the Anakin/Padme story but takes a different turn on towards the end. The music makes the whole piece feel organic and eerie. I loved the character design and the loose feel of the animation. While the end of the story is a bummer, it is definitely one of the shorts that stays with you in a good way.

Bits and Pieces

Visions is a wonderful watch and takes Star Wars into new and exciting places. My personal favorite is The Village Bride. The animation, voice acting, and music all really deliver something surprisingly gorgeous. I hope we get more projects like this that give imaginative creators the freedom to deliver stories unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

This is a must-watch, not just for Star Wars fans, but anime fans and those looking for a Star Wars experience outside the boundaries of what that Star Wars could mean.

  • Sal P.

“You can’t change the river’s flow by casting a stone…


Star Wars: Visions is on Disney+ now!

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3 thoughts on “Star Wars: Visions Review!

  1. Hey Sal! Can I commission you for a repeat Kanan build? I’m going to be cosplaying soon but with two toddlers I really have my hands full with no time to figure out how to make it myself (which I know is most of the fun). Please let me know if you can help! 🙂


    1. As much as I would love to I don’t think I have the time either. I do have a lot of resources that might help minimize the work though! If you check out My Kanan costume journeys I have a lot of my build info:

      Nowadays there are a lot more resources for most of the rest of the costume too! Here’s want I’ve seen around!

      Boots. I actually recently replaced my boots with these. They’ve held up so far and are pretty cheap.

      Armor kit from Imperial Surplus. There’s really no one better.

      DL-18 I got from Ltoy Props. They offer a finished version that’s ready to go!

      The lightsaber I use is a Saber Forge but they aren’t available anymore. There is another maker that looks very good and isn’t too expensive. I always get my installs from Star Light Saber Services!

      Don’t see anyone selling the belt or shirt. Not sure what season you are going for but this cuts down the work quite a bit and if you can find someone who takes commissions for those items. I hope this helps!


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