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The High Republic: Mission to Disaster Review!

“Sometimes the only thing a Jedi can do is wait for the Force to reveal the next steps. Tell you what, I’ll make you spicy noodles for lunch, and then we can duel a bit. At least it won’t be wasted time.”

Yacek Sparkburn

When Avon Starros disappears after a Nihil attack, Vernestra Rwoh and Imri Cantaros head out to find their friend. Along the way, there will be mad scientists, Jedi chefs, kyber crystal matrixes, mistrusting Dalnans, and the Halcyon!

Justina Ireland brings us more of our favorite Jedi prodigy and hits us with some feels on Jedi attachments and maybe even a clever Starros!


Where’s Avon?

Avon is every bit the clever tinkerer we first met in A Test of Courage but has grown into a knowledgable scientist in her own right! While the Starros name seems to have had its ups and downs throughout the bloodline, Avon is exceedingly bright and able to outwit most anyone she needs to.

And that’s a wonderful thing to see in action.

Master and Apprentice

Vernestra and Imri have grown as well. No longer sheltered youths, the fight against the Nihil and Drengir has changed them. Their relationship as master and apprentice has shaped them as well. They trust, empathize, and lift each other up with their talents and support.

Outpost Jedi

On Dalna’s Jedi Outpost we meet a few new faces. The Jedi here have some great personalities and plenty to teach the newest Jedi generation! Lyssa is an archivist who seems to be very knowledgeable about everything on Dalna, Nyla is serene and wise even in the face of local hostility, and Yacek is a great cook!

Honestly, I’d love to visit just to try some Jedi temple dinners!

Dalna and the Past

We’ve heard mentions of a tragedy that occurred on Dalna in other High Republic books but now we see more of its effects. The planet seems not only mistrustful of Jedi, but a bit broken and haunted. I’m so curious about The Night of Sorrow and I suspect that Phase II of The High Republic will shed some light on the events of 150 years past…


The point of Starlight Beacon is to help everyone in the farthest reaches of the galaxy. But as grand as Starlight is it can’t do it alone… Truly Lina Soh’s words “We are all the Republic.” resonate when the Jedi and the Republic come together.

And maybe I’m a BIT biased but seeing the Halcyon show up made me very happy!

Bits and Pieces

Another great middle-grade book that really hits that balance of action, adventure, characters, and mystery! This book left me with questions and I’m guessing Phase II of The High Republic will shed some light on a few answers. Vernestra Rwoh continues to be one of the most enjoyable characters to follow. I love seeing how far she’s come and can’t wait to see where she goes from here!

This is a must-read for any High Republic fan who wants to see more Vernestra and learn about what it looks like when the people lose hope in the Jedi.

Did I mention Ice Gators?

  • Sal P.

“The closest we ever come to being truly one with the Force is when we’re working to help make the galaxy a better place for everyone.”

Vernestra Rwoh

The High Republic: Mission to Disaster is available now!

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