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The High Republic: Trail of Shadows Favorite Moments!

Emerick Caphtor and Sian Holt investigate a death at Grizal and some black market Nihil dealings all while mumbling a haunting nursery rhyme from the past… Daniel José Older and David Wachter bring something strong to this mini-series. The art and splash pages pop and the writing is excellent! This comic series has a strong film noir vibe (or Tech Noir… like that club in Terminator…) Not only that but we start to get some answers about the Nihil and their anti-Jedi weapon…

And a jillion more questions…


Shadows and Dust

Right out the gate, this series pulls no punches.

How you gonna do us like this page one?

Nighty Night

The splash pages in this series are complete fire. This one captures such a moment and the expressions are amazing.

The Wall Says What Now?

Caphtor follows the trail to Vrant Tarnum and engages a few remaining Nihil.

Afterward, he finds ancient carvings of the same lullaby that’s been stuck in his head since he started down this trail…

Undercover Threads

Sian suggests Emerick not go around looking like a Jedi while they investigate so he gets a makeover!



On Starlight Beacon there’s apparently some Great Jedi Rumble Race happening….

Please see The High Republic Adventures #11…

Paging Dr. Uttersond

Art and writing capture this perfect moment.

They’re Coming to Take You Away

Capthor encounters one of the nameless horrors and confronts his deepest fears.

Rescue Mission

As Starlight Beacon burns, Buckets of Blood and some younglings are in need of a rescue.


Sian and Emerick face the Nameless.

Shrii Ka Rai Ka Rai

Trail of Shadows starts off strong and keeps digging deeper. The characters, like us, want answers and it’s great to finally get a few. As the first phase of The High Republic comes to a close some things become clearer and I’m definitely all in for the future!

This comic is a must-read for anyone wanting a few answers, some mystery, and a little horror!

What was your favorite moment?

  • Sal P.

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