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Bounty Hunters: War of the Bounty Hunters Favorite Comic Series Moments!

When Valance finds out Han Solo is in trouble, he teams up with Dengar to help. Up against Crimson Dawn, the Hutts, and the Empire itself, Valance is dead set on repaying his debt to Solo!

Ethan Sacks has been crushing it with the Bounty Hunters series so far. Along with Paolo Villaneli’s art has definitely made this one of my favorite series. The arc is no holds barred and don’t worry.

Valance punches plenty of people.


Old Friends

Back in the day, Valance was on a job and didn’t realize the mark was Solo. Once he figures it out, Valance turned on his team and saved Solo. In the confusion, Solo saw Valance and assumed he was the assassin. Since then Valance has always wanted to explain himself… which is gonna be difficult with the listening party in carbonite.

Just Trying to Help

On Nar Shaddaa, Valance runs into Chewie and is able to clear a little bit up after a heated wookiee fight. It also doesn’t help that Dengar is along for the ride…

Hand Bananas

I told you there were some good punches happening here…

Bigtime Crew

T’onga and Losha make contact with the Mourner’s Wail… just in time to help them up against Crimson Dawn! They explain about Cadeliah… the heir of Mourner’s Wail AND the Unbroken Clan. And they start to make plans to reunite the family.

And build a crew…


It turns out Dengar isn’t just hunting Boba for the bounty, he wants to save his beloved.

Hate Leads to Suffering

After a savage defeat on Nar Shaddaa and losing his best friend (See: War of the Bounty Hunters: 4-LOM & Zuckuss #1) we find Zuckuss being very sad on a Gand floating sanctuary.

Pit Fighter

T’onga and Losha are really digging up some quality crew members. They head to the Nar Kanji pit fights and recruit a young up-and-coming Tasu Leech!

Wanna Buy Some Deathstick

Meanwhile, Deathstick will not stop her pursuit of Dengar and Valance.

Can You Dig It?

After the auction, Qi’ra and General Vukorah have their own meeting. Perhaps the Crimson Dawn and the Unbroken Clan can work together?

Cold Blooded

T’onga’s crew happens upon a half-frozen blown-up Bossk

Might as well take him along too.

Left For Dead

After joining with Boba Fett and finding their way on board the Executor, Boba decides their alliance has reached its end. Fett blows up Valance and leaves him for dead. Valance survives but is now has to fight to escape the Empire if he plans on staying alive…

Lethal Trackdown

This arc has everything. Beautiful art, great story, surprising character twists, and definitely leaves us wondering what’s next! Valance was a legends character who I wasn’t exactly excited to see brought into canon but now am extremely glad for his inclusion. The Bounty Hunters series has introduced many fascinating characters and with T’onga and Losha building up such an interesting crew, I am definitely excited for the future!

This comic arc is a must-read for fans looking for explosive action, questionable alliances, and excessive hand bananas!

What was your favorite moment?

  • Sal P.

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