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The High Republic: Heart of the Drengir Favorite Comic Arc Moments!

Keeve Trennis desperately fights to save her master, defeat the Drengir, and bring down the Nihil from within! Cavan Scott continues his run with plenty more action, fear, and unpredictability for our dear, dear Jedi! While the rest of the Republic is ready for the great fair, our Jedi still have a job to do!

The High Republic continues to rock. Let’s look at a few of my favorite moments from these issues!



Skeer is still suffering from his contact with the Drengir. The Jedi and medics continue to search for answers to help him but are mystified at every turn.


Against better judgment Keeve attempts to bond with her master, the reunion is touching, but that’s only the beginning…

Nightmare Conjuction

Keeve battles a Sith Lord herself while attempting to save Sskeer!

Mother Brain

As Keeve connects with Sskeer, she is finally able to commune with the Drengir hive mind and locate their master. The Great Progenitor.


I feel like when your visions start to become real that’s generally a good sign you’re on the right path.

In most cases… sorry Anakin…


Woowoowoo Sskeer! And Orla!

Unite the Clans

The Hutts and Jedi join forces against the Drengir! This is just one beautiful panel but what a ride!

Ride the Storm

After Valo, the Jedi need to find a way to stop the Nihil. Against the wishes of her fellow Jedi, Keeve has a plan to join them and bring them down once and for all. Sounds risky

Raw Deal

Trennis may have to make difficult choices against her Jedi code

Tempest Runner

Hey look kids, it’s Zeetar! I know that guy!


Against the Jedi, the Nihil decide to use a particularly devastating weapon. Keeve and Terec might have bitten off more than they can chew.

I worry about my precious Jedi…

The Spirit of Unity

Keeve Trennis continues to be one of the best characters around! Following her story and the bigger The High Republic narrative works perfectly and I am very much appreciating the interconnectivity! While things are getting pretty sketchy in The High Republic I can’t wait to see where this all goes: Even as I await with all kinds of apprehension for the future of this publishing initiative…

This comic is a must-read for Jedi fans looking for fresh story ideas with real stakes and freedom! It’s clear that taking the story to this unexplored timeline has given its creators some wonderful opportunities!

What was your favorite moment?

  • Sal P.

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