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Star Wars: Doctor Aphra and the Enormous Profit Comic Series Moments!

Doctor Aphra continues to tempt the fates in search of enormous profit in these issues from the 2016 run! Together with Black Krrsantan, Triple Zero, and Beetee, she holds an auction of a rare and powerful artifact said to contain the archived knowledge of the Immortal Rur, Ordu Aspectu or Jedi Heretic… Whatever. All the galaxy’s underworld comes out to play, each more cutthroat than the next!

It’s Doctor Aphra so you know there’s going to be betrayal, side deals, and general chaos!


The Interview

Two journalist come to speak with Black Krrsantan about his past and being trained for the gladiator fights by the Xonti Brothers. The interview of the century.

Meanwhile Aphra is hijacking their ships holonet signals to broadcast her secret auction to the entire underworld…


In a little bit of a Weapon X upgrade to Black Krrsantan’s hands, his career pretty much takes off from there.


The auctioneer welcomes all the underworld heavies to the auction. And interrupts them from killing each other…


Sir. If we are wearing a mask then we are in disguise. Please refrain from recognizing us.

Hell No

After all the offers have been made, the auction goers receive their answers. If you can read the aurabesh the response to the Ezaraa is hilarious.

Immortal Combat

Oops. The Immortal Technopathic Rur gets loose and is now a mortal threat to everyone.

Also lightsabers.

Droid Rights

Triple Zero exploits a loophole to blackmail Aphra into finally freeing both droids programming.

I’m sure everything will be fine.

Alpha and Omega

Oh, look. It’s Vader… Wait that can’t be good for Aphra.

I Sense Something…

When I left you I was the learner… or something.

The Collection

Vader retrieves the crystal and ends up having to file away the super dangerous cool thing in his masters’ collection.

That looks like the holy grail.


Aphra escapes to a relaxing beach.

And shoots people.


The story is full of all the Doctor Aphra humor we’ve come to know and love. The added auction drama and constantly shifting allies is wonderful. I still love the art and way it fits with Doctor Aphra and the tone of the comic.

My one gripe is that I love Aphra’s dress on the cover of issue #9 and Aphra NEVER wears anything even close to it! Ah, comics. Always pulling a fast one!

What was your favorite part?

  • Sal P.

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