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As the holidays are coming to a close there is one wonderful thing to feel good about.

The Kessel Toy Run donation drive was a HUGE success!!


Brandon Manriquez had an idea.

To get gifts for the children who are spending the holidays in the hospital. got the word out and everyone jumped in to be involved. Blue Harvest put together a special holiday episode and gave all the proceeds towards buying more toys for the children!


When trying to think of what else we could do the Rogue Rebels thought of one thing we could add. I talked with Brandon about getting some costumed Saber Guild characters to help visit with the kids and distribute the gifts.

Together we made a lot of extra smiles!


Thanks everyone who donated! Thanks to the family for getting the word out! Thanks to Hawes at Blue Harvest for donating his special pod and generating lots more smiles! And thanks to my Saber Guild Temple Prime force wielders who came through.


It was amazing to be a part of this and I hope it becomes a tradition!

Check out the AMAZING video of the experience!!!



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