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Star Wars: Resistance Reborn Review!

“The Rebellion is Reborn Today…” – Luke Skywalker At the end of The Last Jedi Rey asks “How do we build a Rebellion from this?” A handful of survivors on a battered old freighter. With the shadow of the First Order spreading across the galaxy, intent on snuffing out the last spark of Rebellion. This… Continue reading Star Wars: Resistance Reborn Review!

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As the holidays are coming to a close there is one wonderful thing to feel good about. The Kessel Toy Run donation drive was a HUGE success!! Brandon Manriquez had an idea. To get gifts for the children who are spending the holidays in the hospital. got the word out and everyone jumped in… Continue reading The Kessel Toy Run MISSION REPORT

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How it All Started (Liz’s Version…)

A long time ago in a country not too far away… A girl and her two brothers running, excited to meet a group of foreigners who came to poor neighborhoods in Mexico every year and handed out toys to children.  The feeling of receiving a toy when you have almost nothing is a feeling of… Continue reading How it All Started (Liz’s Version…)