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Open Letter to the Star Wars Rebels Team.


Dear Star Wars Rebels Team:

We hope this letter finds you well and hopefully working on new amazing stories that we are all excited to see.

First and foremost a big THANK YOU for the show we have spent four years loving, for the adventures we have had, for the countless hours that you have spent making this show happen for all of us in the fandom to enjoy, and thank you for allowing us the opportunity to share some of the experiences with you.

Recently,  we have spent a lot of time as a family thinking about Star Wars Rebels and what it has meant to us. For Axel and Lizzy, growing up alongside these characters has been an experience, unlike anything we could have hoped for. All the laughs and the tough moments experienced by Sabine and Ezra as they grew and faced challenges have taught Lizzy and Axel valuable lessons. Star Wars Rebels provided our children with wonderful role models and positive influences as they both grew and faced their own challenges in their lives. Our daughter is now in culinary school finding the courage and determination to enroll in an exclusive art school. Axel is finding the courage to stand up for himself as he prepares to enter middle school.

For us, as space parents,  you gave us something so valuable we could never repay you. You brought our family closer together.  We were close, but Star Wars Rebels brought us even closer. We can each share part of this crew together, we now have a common ground of interest, we watch episodes together, we make our costumes, we talk about the show and what we learned from a specific episode, we attend events together, and we forge our family’s identity in the Star Wars community.

We are so thankful to have been welcomed by everyone in the fan community and have strived to be a positive voice for not only ourselves but for the community itself.  Sal has helped many other costumers by posting about our own costume builds so that others could make their own. Lizzy and Sal add their voice to the community regularly on their own podcasts, and we have recently started recording our own family podcast, all thanks to you.

We will continue to represent these characters proudly and help spread the spark Star Wars Rebels has gifted us with. From the bottom of our hearts, and with all our love and admiration, thank you for hard work and for sharing your amazing results with us. Thank you for the magic you have brought, not only to us but all Star Wars Rebels fans around the world.

May the Force be with you always,

From a boy who was small,

And a girl who was a teenager,

A scruffy spacedad,

A feisty teddy bear,

And the spacemom who led us into battle,


The Rogue Rebels




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