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Mastering the Art of Kanan Cooking: Fried Brussel Sprouts

Hey! What’s up! It’s me Lizzy!

This recipe was scary to do okay. Just tiny pieces of sizzling oil coming at you is frightening! Also I almost burned down the kitchen while frying these

brussel…. sprouts.


People were telling me “Just put more sprouts you’re being so slow doing three at a time!”

Oh yeah fine!

So I did and it was sizzling a lot, then the oil overflowed and erupted up like a flambe!
Pictured: Mustafar flambe

It was not pleasant okay? I hate frying! It scares me okay! Okay. So now I’m still alive and the brussel sprouts were actually really good! In elementary school (and now high school) people were always telling me how disgusting brussel sprouts are. These were DELICIOUS! Maybe those people needed a better cook to or this recipe? Maybe fresh sprouts? I dunno. I like brussel sprouts. My family likes em. Probably because it was Freddie’s recipe.

Space mom and dad (especially dad)approved.

See ya next time!

Thanks for reading!


P.S. You can get Freddie’s book here and cook up some of these AMAZING recipes yourself!


P.P.S. The idea behind this came from a film called Julie & Julia which you can check out here!

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