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Mastering the Art of Kanan Cooking: Thai Chicken Curry Soup



It’s me Lizzy and I’m BACK with another delicious recipe from Freddie Prinze Jr.! This is my ULTIMATE FAVORITE RECIPE!!


I thought it would be Axel’s favorite because he LOVES curry more than anything (even Star Wars…) but he wasn’t crazy about it. I was really scared when it said to add coconut milk since I just found out I’m lactose intolerant.

Solo self.jpg


Then I learned that there is no lactose in coconut milk!! Well anyway, I ended up taking it to school for lunch the next day too!

This recipe is to die for!

Thai Chicken Curry Soup

I made it when it was raining and freezing cold and it really helped warm up the family as we watched movies in the living room (SHERLOCK HOLMES!)


Anyway, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next recipe! :3

P.S. You can get Freddie’s book here and cook up some of these AMAZING recipes yourself!


P.P.S. The idea behind this came from a film called Julie & Julia which you can check out here!

J and J



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