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The High Republic: Eye of the Storm Favorite Comic Arc Moments!

If you’d like to know more about Marchion Ro, his past, and his plans, this is the comic for you. Charles Soule finally gives us a glimpse into the Eye himself and what a story it is. Every little insight into Ro’s cunning, heartless, single-minded dedication to achieving his goal is fascinating to see.

Here are a few of my favorite moments!


Ride the Lightning

Ro’s people have a violent history and a deep connection to storms.

Death in the Family

Death is no stranger to the Ro family. Even little Marchion sees death all around him.

Rise of the Nihil

When Asgar Ro becomes The Eye, the Nihil truly begin to become dangerous.


The Jedi, still without answers, are trying to proceed carefully. But with the Nihil threat truly unveiled, the Republic needs them now more than ever.

The Shear

Marchion lifts those true believers into his inner circle…

That’s a cult.

The Artifact

Master Yoda was this close to figuring it out…


And just when the Jedi thought they had been through the worst, the Nihil find a new way to lay claim to their territory.

Horror Beyond Imagination

The Nameless are finally given form.

The Eye

Charles Soule finally reveals a few answers while leaving us with plenty more to question as we await Phase II. Marchion continues to be one of the most original, thoughtful, dangerous, and dimensional enemies to grace Star Wars storytelling. I’ll continue to wait and wonder what Ro has in store for the Jedi and what his endgame really is.

This comic is a must-read for all High Republic fans who want to learn more about Marchion Ro and the Nameless.

What was your favorite moment?

  • Sal P.

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