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Doctor Aphra: Remastered Comic Series Moments!

Doctor Aphra continues her adventures and has to work with a whole new crew! This story has plenty of conniving and murdery chaos wrought by Aphra’s new boss! The entire cast really makes this particular arc a special one!


Joystick Chevron

Well hello there super cute Imperial! Aphra does her best not to kill this Imperial and has a little friendly but deep discussion while holding her hostage.

Seems like a rare moment of Aphra honesty.

Bigtime Crew

This must be a bigtime job to put together a crew like this.

Don’t worry about learning all the names… on a job like this the team is bound to be a lot smaller at the end…

Noble Swordsman

So this volunteer is the last in a massacred Alderaanian bloodline and joins the team for revenge.

Poor guy never makes it off the landing pad.

Da Bomb

Okay we all know Aphra is the best but she also has genetically engineered living Tooka bombs that go off when they hear the codephrase!

It’s ridiculous and cruel.

And oddly hilarious.

The Derelict

This ancient hellhulk ruin reminds me so much of the derelict from the original Alien movie.

Or Prometheus if that’s where you recognize it from…

Posla Unleashed

Tam Posla was my favorite background guy from Rogue One and I was so happy to see him pop up in this series! Turns out, not only does he look awesome, but his personality is hilarious and fits in so well with the Doctor Aphra tone.


Aphra and Tolvan share a moment in the chaos.

Rotation General

Well, well, well. If it isn’t my favorite general Hera Syndulla! She’s out here training pilots for the Alliance! When she crosses paths with Doctor Aphra.

That can’t be good.

Defel Disguise

Tolvan kills and skins Glahst and wears him as a disguise to infiltrate Aphra’s crew.

Tolvan is ruthless.

A Gift

Aphra captures Hera as an offering to a secret Imperial facility.

Look, we all knew she couldn’t be trusted.

Weird Science

Hivebase-1 is where a lot of the Tarkin Initiative experiments here kept. When Aphra makes her move, a lot of them are activated to stop her.

Like these Robo Hutts and a Imperial cylinder guy.

Turns out not all of Tarkin’s ideas were winners…

Happy Endings

After things shake out Sister Six decides to join up with the rebels! A little time with Aphra will inspire almost anyone the galaxy needs help I guess…


Tolvan returns to the Empire with plenty of intel to bring down a massive criminal organization run by a couple of familiar faces…


So Triple Zero finally gets his memories returned!

Except… there’s a catch…

Aphra never plays fair.


Getting Out Alive

This is one of Aphra’s most chaotic disasters yet! Once again that means lots of fun for us! It was great to see lots of new and familiar faces. And watching Aphra interact with others is definitely a highlight of most Aphra stories!

If you like Aphra outwitting rebels, imperial, and scum alike then this is a must-read!

What was your favorite part?

  • Sal P.

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